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Nutritionist helped lose weight-13 kilos in 4 months

Nutritionist helped lose weight-13 kilos in 4 months

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Eszter Mlinárrik (29), a mom of a 22-month-old boy, felt she was not going alone, so she asked for a dietitian's help. From what he has learned, the whole family is part of it, as they have all gradually switched to health.

In front of him: the New Leventian 90 kilos.
Although I have always been a dozen, I considered the stigma left over after birth to be a hot fire. Before the pregnancy, I tried many "miracles". These are really wonderful - they last for three days. With such experience, I found the best solution behind my back: I turned to a specialist. I went to a dietician, who was my help in everything.
With a fully customized diet and breastfeeding, I managed to lose 12 pounds in three months. The beginning was a bit difficult, but it was worth it. In addition to losing weight, it was also an important aspect for me to accustom my whole family to a healthier lifestyle. For this I got very good tips, recipes. I learned how to cook, using healthy ingredients.
Aftermath: Still up to the point, -13 kilos, or 77 kilos to 165 inches!
Everything can be eaten, it's not the only thing that the food is made of. Everything is made with olive oil, if I absolutely want to cook a meal, I use graham flour. Even the grilled meat, the grilled vegetables are not counted in our diet, but I also made it with graham flour, olive oil. We eat only rye bread, brown rice, poultry meat.
Today, for example, chicken peppers will be served with durum dessert and lettuce. I also learned that I am eating many times a day. This means eating out, there is also a dinner and a snack. It may be just an apple, but not enough to wait for the next meal. For me, losing weight is a long march, but I think I will once again be tired of my body.

Esther uses olive oil instead of sunflower oil. Give it a shot!

As Vincefiné Simon Tнmea, dietitian, says:
Esther used to help me lose 13 kilos. After a short break, I now turned to me again to reach the blessed weight. I always call attention to the importance of exercise because it helps with weight loss and the skin becomes much nicer after a diet.
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