Top 5 blocking things in parenting

Top 5 blocking things in parenting

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Now moms are collecting their own block lists, it's worth reading!

Katalin Hudbk, Mother of Lujzi (3) collected the list of parenting.

Top 5 blocking things in parenting

1. Don't worry about your child!

My little baby is afraid of shades and doesn't feel good in the dark. In the evening, after the fire, I stay with him beside the bed and watch the light from outside. I can't help but talk to him every night about where the light comes from, why he keeps changing, and why he doesn't have to be afraid of him. Sooner or later, he'll definitely get it. For years, I dreaded a nightingale that I always saw as a star. But my parents always sorted it out with a swipe. Unfortunately.

2. Don't give yourself to the bed!

With just a few months old, I went to baby massage for baby massage. There were several former babies here as moms. After the sessions we talked a little more and changed the phone number. And then we tried to shape the days so that we could walk together. The thing worked.

3. Don't risk it!

Early on, we figured out that Louis would take us back on a short bike ride. You will receive a crash helmet, which you will automatically take away when riding every bike. She has learned that this part of the gear, we will not start without it. This is what we see. It is just as natural that you turn on the front and back lights on your bike when you start. Many would consider it unnecessary to say that the child is not riding alone or in the dark, but we know it is not. Our child will surely not ride the bike indiscriminately. Just because you get used to it.

4. Used Shoes Never!

If you have something else, don't give a used shoe to your baby's foot! All experts point out the dangers of this: it is trampled, deforms the feet, and sometimes we get lost. Of course, not for casual use, but for replacement or replacement.

5. Don't start with the boys!

Don't start cleaning with the guys, because nobody sees or translates it without you! An acquaintance advised me to start cleaning and not much time, first to wash the kitchen and the rooms with something delicious, fragrant. Well, that looks! I think you're right. These articles may also be of interest to you: