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Baby waits ?! - The 8 most common symptoms of pregnancy

Baby waits ?! - The 8 most common symptoms of pregnancy

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We will now share with you the first eight symptoms of pregnancy. These are the most common. If you suspect, take a pregnancy test, because even eight out of eight findings are not countless proofs!

1. Missing monthly bleeding

This is the most obvious sign, but many women do not have a regular cycle, and even bleeding can occur at the right time. Therefore, the absence of menstruation cannot be called a credible symptom.

2. Tight, busty breasts

You can burn your breasts, especially your sides, feel fuller and harder, and you may not feel comfortable in your bra.

3. Extraordinary production

In general, nothing stopped me, but is everything crazy now? You change a real marmot, and just wait for the evening, you can't think of anything else like yours? By the end of the first third, this will also happen.

4. Smooth

Every second baby has a lot of characteristics from the sixth week onwards and can last until birth. But most die in the twelfth week.

If you suspect you should do a test as soon as possible

5. Change the way you go

Can't you swallow anything, or on the contrary, is wolf sick? Even if you suddenly want something, you need to get it right away.

6. What is this prickly bastard?

Your favorite scents and odors can disgust you. This type of hyper responsiveness is also responsible for the nausea.

7. Emergency Curling Iron

Are you able to take care of yourself right away if you have children? Or do you want to fish for a fish? Don't worry, just ramping up your hormones for a sore wound.

8. Run to the Tracks!

At the beginning of your pregnancy, your baby may have to pee constantly. Then it is not the weight of the baby that causes it, but the blood of the bee in the vicinity of the bladder. Here you can find out everything about the pregnant woman!Also read these: