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Are you expecting your first baby now? Do you have any questions about pregnancy? Are you ready for birth? Don't you know what kind of food to give the week to? You'll find all the answers in the new baby show.

It's fantastic how your baby develops. In our process, we complete the developmental stages of movement, speech, meaning, and emotion. In February, it is back to you flu, we'll give you advice on where to turn with your little patient. We are also talking about how it is oltбsok obligatory today in Hungary and what you can choose.
When you start a hozzбtбplбlбs, there are two problems. One, when the little one always feeds himself and eats iron, the other is the exact opposite. He doesn't even look at the teddy bear-shaped broccoli lipstick, the yellow rape starts to squirm.
So we suggest grabs when your baby is pounding and some food that helps the bad eaters. Of course, there is no need to run the kitchen outside of the baby and the family, and with a little change, the bigger siblings are great treats. To help you do this, we have a spreadsheet where you can see exactly what to give your baby.
We also thought about food allergies and adventures. Execute a babavбrу diet rules, and also how much you can gain who is expecting twins. And our diet guide can help you avoid the most common ones йtelallergia caused her illness.
Significant fates also come to life in the abdomen of the page. A woman who believed she could give birth to two babies. Couples who have made an effort to stay in love and sexuality. In our star report, Gabi Völgyes, a fresh mom, tells her about her pregnancy and tells her that she is always arguing about her baby's name. We already know ...
And on our site, the most recent site winner in the baby room voting, Esther and Baby Gabor. When do you play?
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