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Decapitation - Don't treat it, treat it!

Decapitation - Don't treat it, treat it!

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You start scratching your head when you hear that titty. But the real challenge is to bring a family member home. That's where life comes from for a while!

Year-to-year cerebral palsy is a recurring phenomenon in the community of children, especially in elementary schools and kindergartens. Although, to the best of our knowledge, the head does not transmit an infectious disease, the presence of a bleeding mucus is extremely unpleasant, and the wounds resulting from scratching may be over-infected. In spite of advanced hygiene conditions, the incidence rate has been unchanged for years, proving that headaches are not primarily a function of social conditions. Cognition, lack of personal experience, and concealment of disease play a role in survival.
Therefore, we aim to intensify the fight against lichen in the beginner's lesson and to reduce the possibility of re-infection. The Nуgrбd Kormбnyhivatal Nйpegйszsйgьgyi Szakigazgatбsi County Department of йs Orszбgos Tisztifхorvosi Office orszбgos kampбnynyitу tбjйkoztatуjбnak legfхbb cйlja that tanйv kezdetйn when the children szьnidхt kцvetхen ismйt kerьlnek kцzцssйgbe, felhнvjuk the szьlхk, nevelхk figyelmйt the fejtetvessйg megjelenйsйnek lehetхsйgйre. We would like to emphasize that the cephalopod is not wrong, and that the primary task and responsibility of the parent is to treat cephalopod children.
An essential element of the struggle is wide-ranging information aimed at providing the general public with adequate knowledge of the cephalopod, its recognition, its propagation and its preventive / abortive procedures. We have assembled professional materials for those who, in the same period of time in the whole of the country, are able to work in unison to achieve our goals according to a set schedule. We address our call to all those involved in the fight against cephalopathy, ie schools, residential and social institutions, local governments, home and school physicians, and cancer practitioners. Parent meetings at the start of school provide opportunities for parents to inform parents and school health professionals about what they are doing, as well as annual medical examinations.
The head does not take into account age, sex, position: it can be contagious, dirty and clean hair can be mucous. Don't get it wrong, but hide it, don't handle it, pass it on, and do not risk the community irresponsible!
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