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More than fifty children received the SMA handler

More than fifty children received the SMA handler

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More than fifty children have received a gift to manage SMA, said Miklós Ksler, the Minister of Human Resources.

More than fifty children received SMA handler (photo: iStock)The minister said the megszьletett megбllapodбs SMA kezelйsйre szolgбlу, tцrzskцnyvezett single Eurуpбban kйszнtmйny forgalmazуjбval, нgy all SMA patients under 18 йv hozzбjuthat the kezelйshez.Kбsler Miklуs felidйzte that Spinraza nevы kйszнtmйnyt also alkalmazzбk 2018 elejйtхl Magyarorszбgon the gerincvelхi eredetы izomsorvadбs kezelйsйre .The government provided a surplus of one billion forints in 2018, so we were able to receive about fifty more in that year.
Following the birth of a drug dealer, treatment of another fifteen patients may begin soon, "the minister said in a news release Thursday in Kossuth Radio that the disease is not being diagnosed anywhere in the world. For example, before starting a strain, you should check to see if the disease has an accurate diagnosis to detect and cure it.
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  • A rare hereditary disease is spinal muscular atrophy
  • Levente also received the special gene therapy medicine


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