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Don't teach you to eat it to the last bite

Don't teach you to eat it to the last bite

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Your child is more likely to be discarded if he or she is taught that he or she must eat all the food from the bowl.

No need to eat to the last bite!

Many children are taught that they have to eat everything on their bowls. Many people still behave like this and eat everything to the last bite. However, a recent study concluded that those who who always eat everything that is on their diet is at risk of a higher body mass index (BMI).
The most recent research was conducted at the University of Liverpool: the relevance of food to last meals and a higher body mass index. Research from 385 graduate students asking students questions about their eating habits shows that yes, there is a correlation: those who always eat everything have a much higher degree of certainty than those who have something.
The study was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The research also investigated whether this habit can be that those who do can have a motivation for food waste.
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But what about the size of the dish, does it affect the amount of food we consume? Yes, according to Cornell Food and Brand Lab research: a smaller bowl means less food to eat, less servings. We can also find out in the research that if we reduce the area of ​​the canopy by half, we will eat 30 percent less food. At the same time, the diminution of the meal will only be offset by the small size of the dishes if we give ourselves food.