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The best concentration games

The best concentration games

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It is very important that you play with your child's development in a playful environment. Concentration developer is also a part of this, so some targeted developer games will follow.

According to experts, children's brains reach 90% of their development by age 5. It is, therefore, essential that we deal with them and play with their age-appropriate games. Concentration games also help this process, and they help ensure that there is no lack of focus in school and in everyday activities.Йpнtхkocka
Age: 1+One of the simplest and most fun games for the little ones. We need nothing but a bunch of cubes, possibly in different colors and shapes. Even the youngest children love to serve, put on one another, and the larger ones, with their boundless imagination, are able to create real wonders. Brainstorming recognizes shapes and colors, and from creativity and concentration, supports all aspects of brain development.There are several good methods to teach you to concentrate Lбtбskцvetйs
Age: 3+Put your child on a chair, then hold on to an object and ask them to watch it. The smaller the child, the larger the selected item. From about 40 inches around the child's eyes, start moving it horizontally. The small one should follow the subject with the eyes, do not move the head in the middle. Slowly move it back and forth at a fast pace, and then, when your child is smarter, you can accelerate. This game / practice super improves low concentration ability.

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Age: 2+One of the best concentration developing games is the puzzle that some kids play with pleasure up to 1.5 years old. Let's start with 2 or up to 6-10 pieces, and then, as the child grows, move on to more complicated puzzles (always read the age suggestion). Clearance requires serious focus, complex thinking, and therefore, beyond concentration, it is a great help in the development of a myriad of areas of the brain: visual skills, logical thinking, eye coordination. Plus, it can be a great bargain for the whole family.Drawing, coloring
Age: 1+According to experts, it would be better for parents to give the child a pencil several times. Above 2-3 years old every day! Namely, the thoughtful activity of drawing, coloring, in a unique way, develops the concentration of attention. In addition, there are many other things: fine motor, visual communication, eye-to-hand coordination, and, moreover, reduce tension and anxiety. Smart desk
Age: 1+It is worth choosing a game that not only keeps the little one occupied for a long time, but also supports brain development. For example, smart desktops, which capture the attention of the little ones with multiple different games at the same time, train their concentration skills. Balls, beakers, matching shapes, animal figures, tapping buttons, flashes of light and pleasant melodies on the table stimulate the child's almost all senses.Everything about music
Age: 0+Research conducted at the McMaster University in Canada, conducted in pre-school age, found that children who took part in music education were better focused on the subject. "Music learning seems to effectively improve concentration and memory skills, which leads to better outcomes in a number of areas of study," said Laurel Trailor, a research leader and a fellow student at McMaster University. music has such a fun effect, but also babies who can't come. These little ones smiled more, communicated better than their non-regular peers, and even their brains gave a much more sophisticated response to the ringing of the music. Any play or profession that has a fantastic impact on the minds of children with music, singing, and so it's worth living with as soon as possible! (Kйpen: Fisher-Price "Kacagj and Upgrade" Doggy Smart Table)Related articles on Child Development:
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