What are you Relaxing for?

What are you Relaxing for?

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Our forces are dead, and we are sometimes overwhelmed by the state of fortune and the condition of the baby. Everyone needs to find a "blank" time between their daily tasks when they do nothing but fill up.

Nowadays, we regret the time we have spent, even though we should not rush into life. Knowing the signs of our body can help us control it, and there is a great need during pregnancy and childbirth, and even during the difficult moments of parenting. Let's spend a quarter of our day relaxing and enjoying the benefits of the sun several times a day.
We often cannot sleep well with the baby, and we recommend relaxing a little during the sun to refresh our body and nervous system. Because of the urge to pass, our muscles are ready to jump all day long, as if they could ever jump on the launcher. This is an overwhelming, over time painful strain on the muscles and business.
If we have a headache, we have a stiff neck, we have a head, we have a head, relaxation exercises help you relax and stretch your muscles. Always perform slow movements as they are primarily meant to relieve tension and not to strengthen muscles. Exceptional introductory and guiding exercises before and after other gymnastics, but in themselves, are fun.

Develop your body consciousness

Initially, we need to learn how to feel our body parts indoors and out, how to relax our muscles. To do this, we first tense our muscles, quickly release the tension from our feet and dance, and then, after a little fatigue, lie down. We make some flat pillows next to ours to support our heads, our pool, our tables when needed. Push our pool to the ground with full force, then loosen it.
Let's do the same thing with our light, ours, our heads, our feet. Finally, let's focus on our face: put a big grin on it and then lighten it with our tongue. Let's lower our eyes, lift our eyes a few times, then lower our eyes and close our eyes. It is even easier to relax with our slightly stretched legs up on the wall or on a chair, even with a bent knee.
Stay relaxed for as long as you can. After ten or twenty minutes, slowly "awaken" our members: shake our arms, our feet, and then slowly exhale.

Always do exercises slowly, especially during pregnancy

The brain is also resting

We also use relaxed physical condition for mental relaxation. Working mothers often do not feel fatigued, but rather "brains" their brains. You can't turn it off, you have to deal with things, troubles, bad dreams, legitimate or unjustified fears, hurt. Shut off and ventilate inside! Close our eyes and watch our breathing.
Let's inflate the inflow air as if we wanted to take care of it. We do this involuntarily if something depresses me. After a few sighs, let's paint in front of us a soothing image, a meadow, a shady forest, and evoke a pleasant memory. We can also discuss our concerns with our partner in a relaxed position. It's not nearly as crafty as it sounds.
Let's sit down in a hug or in another comfortable position beside each other, lie down, call our companion, relax, and quietly tell her what's wrong. It is not necessary to provide an instant solution to everything, it is not possible. The goal is to be able to express our concerns, be who listens and listen to us. Instead of urging a solution, ask them to massage it lightly.
The affectionate touch is also tense in itself. Relaxation can also make your relationship go away. This is the quiet quiet side when we do not talk about our daily tasks, just enjoy each other, relax together, and touch each other with love. Perhaps our sexual life has been neglected this time, but it can also be a meaningful form of partnership.

It is useful for rodents in the teens

Getting the right breathing is a great help during your birth. With a deep breath, we breathe in through the nose, slowly, succulently, at the beginning and at the end of the wheezing. Superficial breathing is faster with open mouth - at the peak of wheezing. Even with a little breathing, we can still feel comfortable with ourselves.
If we hold our breath in our pain, the baby's oxygen supply will be worse and exhausted sooner. A slender, stiff posture will still increase your pain, so change your posture as you feel good.

Knowledge can be invoked at any time

If we are already experienced in sensing our bodies, we will realize how stiff we are and how tense some of our muscles are. Once you have mastered and practiced the relaxation technique, you can easily change the tone of your muscles, even at bedtime, in the shop. Apply this several times a day.
If we feel tired in the sun, our arms, we expect to carry baby, we have a lot of head posture and weight loss in the spine, and refresh ourselves with light exercise. We relax during the relaxation exercises lying down, the spine is free from stress, the stretching exercises relieve stiffening of the joints and muscles. As we advance, our blood circulation is refreshed and our blood pressure is restored.
When we move from an open window or outdoors, air passes through our lungs, bringing fresh blood to the brain. While pushing the stroller in the park, give yourself a few minutes. Let's stop in a sunny place and stretch as far as we can. Then let's lean forward, sideways.
Let's get into a pinch of logs and try to move the wood with two hands. Then, support one of our feet at waist height with the logs and lean on our shoulders and loose. So we stretch out all the cartilage in our body, then our posture will be more straight, move more relaxed, relaxed, and feel fresh.

Let out the steam!

In our child-rearing years, it happens that we get bored, we go dhh. We do not fill our emotions with our family members, but rather use relaxation techniques: breathe deep, relax our muscles, or walk, "push" the wall. We relax our tension by muscle work and then relax our muscles.
Especially for those who are comfortable, exercising, or exercising, a relaxation exercise is beneficial. It does not require any extra effort, it does not require time, but refreshes it several times a day in just a few minutes. The home is "old", "not working", even though it is just right for a tired baby.


1. Let us down, let's go to our heels. We fold our hands together behind our backs. Let's slowly get up from our heels, extend our arms, bend our heads forward. Let's stay in this position for a few seconds and then descend. Repeat ten times. Do it slowly, evenly!
2. Stand upright, pull your hands over your head. Let's lean forward slowly, lowering our arms loosely. Let's stay for a while, then straighten up. Let's repeat it ten times!
3. Lie on our backs, spread our arms, stretch our legs. Cross our right with our left foot open, rotate our head to the opposite direction. Let's stay in this position for a minute, take a breath, and then do the practice on the opposite side as well. Let's repeat it!
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