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No hot water is needed for effective washing

No hot water is needed for effective washing

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Many people wash their hands with warm water because we have learned that it is really effective in combating laxatives. But this is just a myth - the researchers came to this conclusion.

What kind of hot water do I need for washing?

From childhood on, we learn that washing helps to prevent different types of disease so that we can stay healthy. However, according to a recent study by Rutgers-New Brunswick University, cold water is just as useful as hot water. " your water temperature does not divide or multiply" - says Donald Schaffner, Leading Research In a research paper published in the Journal of Food Protection, 21 volunteers were screened for harmless bacteria several times over a six-month research period and then asked for different 5 ml, 1 ml or just 2 ml of soap are used. neither the temperature of the water nor the amount of soap influenced the resultAccording to experts, it is not worth noting exactly what type of soap is best suited for the elimination of pathogens.These articles may also be of interest to you in washing up:
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