Save your baby's bank account instead of the most expensive one!

Save your baby's bank account instead of the most expensive one!

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It is difficult to conceive of just a toddler seeding for a ballagoon student, but instead of piling up dozens of unnecessary ones, it is worthwhile to spend some time teaching and living.

Let's talk about the lollipop, the baby chair, the baby radio microphone, the puppy, and so on. The entire industry has been designed to increase the safety of parents with uncertain first-child safety. However, if you only put money in your bank account that you spent on your extra gifts and things by your tenth birthday, you would have a huge amount of money.
Start account, or baby bib
Children born after December 31, 2005, of Hungarian citizenship and domicile in Hungary are entitled to state start-up support. This design is called a Start number or baby book. The basic allowance is transferred once after birth, it is currently HUF 42,500, and the amount is determined by the annual budget laws. Child protection support is only available for lower family income, children in transition, or in foster care ($ 44,600 for children 7 and 14 years old).
If your parent Start Cash Account pays money or pays the Treasury with state support, you will receive a maximum of 10 percent of your contribution each year after your contributions. To this end, even the next of kin and relatives can pay the amount they would otherwise spend. For multiple contributors and multiple contributors, there is a self-payment of up to $ 50,000 per child per year, but no legal entity, ie a company, can pay the Start Number.
To ensure that this saving is only and exclusively for young people to start their life, there are strict rules that only a small number of young people can have the same amount of money. Of course, you may decide that your later goals will no longer be absorbed, or even increase your savings, but that will not be offset by previous benefits. If your child has decided to include the amount on their Start Account, they can do so at any time after their 18th birthday. The outstanding amount as well as the yield in the 18th year will be free of all taxes, fees and taxes, including interest.
Elхnye: Every other form of saving better protects your child's interests, even those of your parents. In the event of a possible choice, they cannot match the money, the account bears his name, only he can use it. The amount on the Start Account is not acceptable, no collateral, no collateral, and no enforceability.
What can I do for a baby wrap?
- Higher or other studies
- housing, other housing-related goals
- business start-up or other start-up goals
- to create the conditions for a childhood
- a statutory other purpose
In addition to the Start Account, it is also advisable to enter into a housing contract as these are also government subsidized and interest-free. Because these savings are also determined by the law as to what the final amount will be spent on, we can be sure that the savings for the child will not go into the wrong hands. The amount can be used for the purchase of new and used real estate, as well as for renovation and modernization, but it is also necessary to save the loan before the end of the life saving period. Family members can also enter into a childrens home contract for the child, which can multiply the amount available.
Home savings in numbers
The state supports the savings with 30 percent of the payment, up to a maximum of 72,000 HUF per year.
Savings can be up to an annual guaranteed yield of 10.56 percent.
After the savings period, you can apply for a forint-based housing loan at a fixed annual interest rate of 3.9 percent (THM: 5.23 percent).
Depending on your maturity, you can earn up to eight million forints per day with this form of savings, which can be increased by up to thirty million forints on contracts with family members.
Saving life insurance
There is also a regular form of savings that comes with a life insurance cover. If parents save life insurance for young children, the child will be the beneficiary of the insurance. It is worth adjusting the insurance coverage to important milestones in a child's life, such as the expected start of tertiary education, adulthood, and housing. Anyone can increase the amount of insurance from the family. The amount saved can be freely used for any purpose. The parent can access the investment at any time, according to his / her needs, which has the many benefits of damaging the child's interests in the event of a choice.
Naturally, during the term of insurance, parents can choose the investment strategy they are pursuing - they seek the highest level of security they can obtain, or rather the highest possible yield. The composition of the investor can be changed at any time during the insurance period. However, this form of savings also offers life insurance protection, which is of a predetermined value and provides financial assistance to the child in the event of the death of the parent.
Instant crap or sure plan?
In every channel, we try to convince parents that the child will be happy if he or she gets new and new things if he or she has more and more colorful things. Even a two-birthday birthday party was more of a treat for parents, and it wasn't long enough for people to pay attention to each other at Christmas. There is no obligation to queue, it is never difficult to change. Because the most we can give our baby is safety and a safe future.
Whatever form of savings parents choose to do, the sooner they start cleaning up, the smaller the monthly amount you can reach your goal. It is possible that our savings will increase with the children, and the obstacles that are still insurmountable will be reduced to nothing.
Financial experts: Gabor Karprti, Head of Premium Banking at UniCredit Bank
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