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Should we go out in bad weather?

Should we go out in bad weather?

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It is raining, head, snow, frost. No wonder the question arises: And if we don't go out today?

Every day children need to breathe and exercise

Don't miss more than a day! Everyday movement is necessary for the development of muscles and bones. THE calcium moving into the bones during exercise is not enough to ensure access to healthy eating.You cannot create as many opportunities for your child in the home as you need to. Strengthening your muscles prevents overload of the water system, posture defects, spinal deformity, and sole formation. We live in motion stimulates circulatory system, increases lung volume, strengthens the heart muscles, increases the capacity of the small load capacity. In general, the risk of a cold does not increase, and the child's organization will be more resilient. THE fast blood circulation means increased oxygen uptake, it also stimulates brain activity. Greater space improves the child's perception, rewriting, and open horizons and brains are obviously good for you. nyыgцskцdik. Last but not least, it is good for you as well, and the day is more interesting.They may also be interested in:
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