Tenth Step to Successful Breastfeeding Leads

Tenth Step to Successful Breastfeeding Leads

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It is very difficult on its own, this is especially true with regard to parenting and breastfeeding. For the sake of successful breastfeeding, you should not forget about those who are volunteers, counselors, groups.

Worldwide, the first week of August celebrates breastfeeding, breastfeeding. The theme is organized every year by another center of gravity. This time, at the center of the 21st Breastfeeding World, we have mother groups, voluntary breastfeeding assistants, and breastfeeding counselors. The starting point is Tinz Stopping, which leads to successful breastfeeding. Lists the conditions a baby girl must meet in order to win the baby-friendly title. In other words, as it is well known, there is a lot to be gained in effectively supporting breastfeeding during and after birth. But it is also a common experience that the mother gets all the important information, the help in the hospital, if she is left alone with the hardships she has developed, or you get the opposite information from the pediatrician. The relatives of the family experience, the relatives with children, have helped the mother find her way. He was a serious supporter, relieved of some of the tasks, and helped with the transfer of experience. The mother can be very lonely with their problems, as experience has shown. And here comes the tenth point of the End of the Twilight, which requires the birth institution to direct the mother to breastfeeding mothers, and to give them the names and phone numbers they can help. That's why the motto of this year's World Wide Web has become: "Breastfeeding Support - By Mothers".
The La Leche League was the first
"Fifty-seven years ago, a breastfeeding mother met and realized that they were able to breastfeed their babies because they provided information, practical knowledge, and emotional support to each other. if there were people in our environment who had the knowledge and practical experience needed to support them, the International La Leche Ligue, which is designed to help women who wish to breastfeed, is born, is born. in the La Leche League and the Hungarian Association for "Breastfeeding", which you can find here in more detail.
If you haven't been to a group meeting yet, here is where you can find the closest option for you, and find out what other breastfeeding groups are working for you.
If you feel like it, you can organize a baby mama group in your area. The most important prerequisite for this is that you have a wealth of breastfeeding experience of your own, and if possible, keep up with the right courses and breastfeeding literature.
Because a bad advice can have serious consequences, refer your mother to a more experienced, qualified counselor if you get stuck because you do not know the answer to the request and you do not know the problem you are experiencing.