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First thoughts when you know that you will have twins

First thoughts when you know that you will have twins

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We just found out we're expecting twins. It was a huge shock, a real surprise that I still couldn't handle.

First thoughts when you realize that you will have twins! (Fotу: iStock) "We have always wanted more children, maybe one more baby, as much as possible, but despite being very excited about being pregnant, I was very surprised when I said that more babies were growing in my belly. I went through a real emotional rollercoaster ride to get to my current state, when I was already excited to meet my two babies. But before that, different thoughts flowed through my mind - writes the author of"1. Everybody's so serious in the room. Just nothing wrong? 2. Always moving the ultrasound on my stomach: just need a baby there! "5. Said two? Two 6. But what's the name of my baby? 7. Breathe. Breathe. Can something be forgiven. 8. I want to laugh.10 I want to laugh.11 How can I get over two newborns 12. Good bye, can you imagine how much cute clothes we can give them 13. But wait, how can I carry two little ones? We'll need a bigger car.15 We'll need a bigger house.16 We'll need a LOT of money! Without help, this is impossible. Someone is me do it without family help 19. 19 children under 3 years old. We're crazy.20. Our oldest child won't be our baby anymore. Did I get ready for this? Two newborns! What? That? Why can? 22nd How will we distinguish them? Why does my brother always smile? Х Not worried? Okй. Lйlegezz. Everything will be fine, it will work. Two newborns! We could barely handle one! It happens for all reasons. The reason for this soon becomes clear.27. But I'm not ready for that! Now my husband can be engaged and become a middling family.29. So I mean, if you can do it, are we, aren't we? Who's the baby? Oh my heart? Our son will be the best big one! 32. Or can you? How can we be so lucky?! 34. It will work (VIA)Connected to: