Fashion tips for moms

Fashion tips for moms

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No fairy tale, girly moms are well received. In stores where you can shop long lines for better clothes, it's good to have a couple of shelves for the boys.

Here are a couple of tips if you might want to move your family members together.

We're in one shoe

I don't dare to say that sneakers are the healthiest way to wear in the world, but it is comfortable and practical. Larger brands make the same models for little ones and big ones.

Uniform shirt

I am not a believer in dressing up little ones for miniature adults, but I can imagine dad and son wearing the same shirt on some festive occasion - it is definitely cute.
The basic idea is Tommy Hilfiger, but with a little bit of well-being, you can combine turquoise and the clothing classes of larger suits into one another.

Order of hoodies

This soft hoodie is lightly warmed up during the summer on a cool night. Plane if dad's strong arm also beats. Witty, funny and unique. Yeah, even mom can get one to complete the picture.

Little Kitty Brad Pitt

If your son hits the cap, you may want to try "Brad Pitt Fitting", because this is the coolest fit.
Theoretically, you can easily get the pieces in any larger clothing store that has a male classroom. Not really summer wear, though you can imagine that you will find pieces made of wool. Ring and roller.

Stnlusos topбnkбk

And yes! There's something really unique about it. I was just realizing that I didn't find anything really perfect in the topic I was about to submit when I stumbled upon this very cool set in the evening. The Milim booties are delightfully delicate at all doubts, the girl's front is almost unbeatably strong, but now this mother-son shoe collection (at the top) has finally arrived.
And the icing on the cake is for this mother-of-a-bitch mother in law! Perfect for any occasion. Gorgeous, original, stylish. Let's go!