Soon child insult from the Earth will disappear

Soon child insult from the Earth will disappear

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Although child molestation is, in a sense, a story, it's still up in some corners of the world, according to recent information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Soon the cry of children will disappear from the ground

"We are quite close to making the death of a child a part of the past. On a global level, we have never been so close to finally disappearing," he says. Dr. Tom Frieden, chairman of the CDC. The cross-border war on child abuse began in 1988. Millions of children with regrettable illness have slowly begun to retire: the number of people affected has fallen from 350,000 a year, but has only reached a significant global incidence of 27 in this year. " If this had not happened, another 15 million children would have died, "says the expert. According to Frieden, it is a serious problem that in some areas - for example in Nigeria - they always report illness, and further in Pakistan and Afghanistan, further steps are needed to reach a wide range of vaccinees.