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It is believed that the abortion of abortion is the apology of murder

It is believed that the abortion of abortion is the apology of murder

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Katalin Novák said in an interview that if a woman became pregnant, we could not talk about her election request.

Believes Abortion Abuse is Abatement Assassination (Photo: iStock) noted that the Secretary for Family and Youth, Katalin Novák, gave an interview to Breitbart's far right. In his interview, the secretary of state said the abortion movement calls "war of words," rather than freedom, represents the dead. " that abortionists say they are on the side of the electorate, but they are not, "the secretary of state said. According to Nov, this is a groundbreaking point. If you already have a child, then what you do is not a matter of choice. The choice is ahead of you. "Abortion is an apology to murder, it is against choice," said Novok, who says abortion is not about women's liberty; it is a deliberate interpretation of what it says and the fetus is protected. In his view, this must be observed not only in the constitution but in everyday life as well. According to Novak, the Hungarian people are not very concerned about abortion. In his view, if the leaders of a nation have children, that will also be reflected in decision-making. He listed the government politicians who have a big family, and then added that they have an influence on their decisions that they are big family. " said Novin Novak. recalls that Novok had just announced a change in the abortion law at a picnic in Kecskemet a week ago.
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