Ovulation test: where can I get it and how much does it cost?

Ovulation test: where can I get it and how much does it cost?

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Ovulation tests are mainly available in pharmacies and drug stores. Of course, there are online purchases, and the prices are already high.

Ovulation test: where can I get it and how much does it cost?

At least for one cycle It is worth buying five tests in the interest of being sure that results can be interpreted broadly. In fact, it takes several days to get the so-called LH (luteinized hormone) peak or ovary. The ovulatory test is LH hormone levels increase indicates the expected time of ovulation when detected in urine. It is worth trying a test that complies with European Uniform Standards. Lйtezik tape format test and cassette.You can get it at Rossmann Facelle ovulation test, which costs 5 pieces at 2499Ft, while the 4 pieces available at the same Expect LH ovulation test kit 1699Ft into. For sensitivity, we did not find any specificity in the description. Clearblue digital ovulation test, which comes in a 10-pack and a pharmacy costs $ 6,269, but if you order it online, it costs $ 5,643. Using the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tester, you can detect an increase in ovulation hormone levels 24-36 hours prior to ovulation and measure the 2 most effective days of your cycle - in terms of getting pregnant. It is expected to detect a 99% increase in LH hormone levels in just 3 minutes.You can also get the Corax Ovu-LH proficiency test (5-pack) - 3 643 Ft but we found 3239Ft online in a non-pharmacy version. In the product brochure, if a hormone release is observed with the help of a test, then ovulation is 24-48 ounces high. Gabriel OVU hLH proficiency test (7 pieces) and costs $ 3, normal sensitivity test. You can get a Walentin ovule test 5 pieces with a pharmacy price of 3360 Ft, internet price 3024 Ft.A FertinetAvailable from .hu Urine Radiation Test, 5 pieces, normal sensitivity 2,100 Ft, cassette ovulation test, 20 pieces, normal sensitivity, 3100Ft, extra 100s into. If you buy the ovulation test together with a pregnancy test, it costs 4100Ft for a 25 + 5 pack. Benue online pharmacy, normal sensitivity, 5-piece ovulation fertility test is available for 2,999 Ft.
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