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This is what most fresh quarrels quarrel with

This is what most fresh quarrels quarrel with

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Of course you knew it was going to be a couple of months, after all, the arrival of a baby would turn everything from the bottom up, but you didn't realize that it would be tight between the two of you. Sleeplessness, tension and quarrel. Here are the most common sources of voltage and solutions.

Cathy O'Neil, the co-author of Babyproofing Your Marriage, compiled a list of the most common sources of discussion between newly born couples and how to solve your initial problems without action.

Quarrel # 1: Whose Rest Is More Important?

My brother is always asleep, and he doesn't get out of bed on the night before 8:30, unless he wants to do something. - Sandra R.What to do: We accept that sleep is a priority - both of us. Somebody should be up in the morning. Some think it, because it was at night, deserves sleep, and others think it, because it worked 50 hours a week, deserves sleep. Both of you are right. You both deserve it, and with a little organization, you can easily find a couple of extra snooze hours for both of you. If you need to skip the weekly football game with your buddies, or if you don't wash it right away, so be it. Some couples plan an entire week ahead, but O'Neil warns that a long-term plan can be overly complicated to stick to. Instead, just focus on the next 24 hours - how can you reduce your choices so that you both relax.The quarrel is not the solution, you should try to discuss it

Quarrel 2: And what did you do while I…

We are constantly looking at the other head who did this or that, especially when we are tired !! We go so far as to be able to list everything you did in one day. - Geri W.What to do: Gun down and take down the badge. Remember you are both on the same team. Instead of making lists of what you have done, you have to make a list of what you need to do and divide it up in a realistic way. Make a plan that you both agree on.

Controversy 3: Don't Work From Home!

My wife says that I spend a lot of time with work emails and phone calls, and she thinks I should focus on the family. - Fred T.What to do: Let's move away from work and family time. At a time when more people are able to work from a distance, we face the difficult problem of not always being able to break from work. But don't forget - kids only stay short. If you are with us, so do not miss anything. Select a room or a chair as a home work area. When you or your partner is working, the other must respect that time. But if you're not at work, hang up your cell phone, shut down your laptop, and enjoy quality family time. You won't forgive yourself one day if you don't.

Dangle 4: Why did you do this now?

Many times we disagree, question the other decision. Did you bring a good fruit juice into your glass? Why did your child leave 5 bananas one after another? Why have you let Uranus sleep so much now that I can stay up all night? - Susan G.What to do: it stops coming back, even when it's difficult. The parent who is more about the baby usually feels responsible for everything. But if you keep telling your partner how to be a parent, you will never know the basics. So take a good breath and see what you think you did wrong. If this is not critical to your child's upbringing, let go.

Controversy 5: I'm underestimated

I work very hard for the deceiver and I never feel that enough for him. - Cameron B.What to do: Tell me what's on your mind. It is easy to feel that all your efforts for the deceiver and the newcomer are not recognized. But remember, this thing is twofold. A great gesture for a little brain to praise that creates positive, supportive dynamics between the two. If you are the one who needs a little more validation, give up. Tell your partner exactly what you want to hear that makes you more valuable.

Quarrel 6: Little sex

She wants to do it as often as she does before her baby is born, but by the time you are breastfeeding all day, I need air. ? Jennifer G.What to do: We reschedule some romance. Both are right, but try to train yourself a bit in your partner's place, what if you hadn't talked for a week? Some have a lack of sex just as sensitive. Talk, and if there is anything that can be triggered, do it. Some couples have been helped by regular sex. Make dates on the calendar! At first, it doesn't sound like a wake-up call, or spontaneous and adventurous, but if you both catch the yarn and get it again, you can easily get back to your old self. (- VIA -)Related Articles in Dispute Resolution: