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Two useful things in the coldPolar coveralls and shawls

Two useful things in the coldPolar coveralls and shawls

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Try out the shawl and the thermal overalls that will be an indispensable companion for your baby weekdays!

Polar treatment in three sizes
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Of course it's light in the summer! Just a little sunbathing on the kid and you can start off already. As long as it's cool, you are going to be gone for a while with the move. The traditional chubby jumpsuit is warm, but so thick that it's hard to get the baby in the car or if you can, it will sweat. Not to mention, if you want to carry it in a carry. You also have a jacket on, your baby in a thick overalls, ready to spell on yourself. Well, it is because of these inconveniences that we are genius termуruhбcskбnk! Vйkony, easy-to-wear hoodie, It's good to be hot in March, just as it's not too cold in the winter or early spring, or on unusually cold summer days, when you need to carry your baby around. And the small details are downright frightening: the zipper is not underneath, but on the side, so that it does not accidentally pinch, filter the tiny, soft baby bag. In the cold, you can put on your hands and feet a small fitted glove, or baby wears shoesyou just have to wake up this section. Carrying dolls are one of the most useful accessories, but of course you will love it when you travel in a stroller!

Photo: Rbtka Йva

Why even have a ring?
Anyone who already knows and loves long shawls will recommend this second shawl. The shoe is less than half as long, easy and quick to remove. It is very good for short, comfortable carrying, for example when you want to keep both hands free, but the conditions (shit, huh) are not suitable for wrapping a nearly dense traditional cloth.
Those who are basically strollers and motorists can also benefit from some, as there are places you can't get in a wheelchair, and of course there are situations when your child wants to be around. It is very easy to learn how to use a shawl cloth, it fades in a small space, and you can always have your diaper in hand.
The picture shows a train pattern ring drapes made of flexible material made of denimwith a pocket that comfortably fits all your essentials: phone, handkerchief, paperwork. It is a good idea to carry your baby on your hips, but if you need it, you can move it to your back for a shorter time with just one stroke, say, as long as you unpack the car. We recommend starting when your baby is sure to hold, that is, on the fourth-fifth of the month. If you use this, the weight of your baby is on one of your sides, so if you want to go the long way, you should choose traditional knitwear. You can order Maternity Products, including polar jeans from 62 to 92, in three colors here in blue, brown and orange. You'll be your favorite pet!