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Usually troubles start unexpectedly: in a moment, our neck becomes so stiff that we can hardly move our heads. Or we feel awkward humidity and filters around us. And he goes on to do some hellish apostasy.

Many women struggle with back pain

Why has backache become so common?

  • We move little or one-sided.
  • Standing, alright, we have poor posture at work.
  • We are overloading one of our pages.
  • Due to poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle, the muscles become cramped, short, and the intervertebral discs are prematurely used due to unilateral loading. Particularly, the intervertebral discs are characterized by protruding between the vertebrae and pressing any nerve. But the cause of the backache is not always as obvious.
  • Interestingly, we can feel pain in our back even when we have a metabolic disorder in the back, we have purulent teeth, our teeth are not closing properly, or we are experiencing prolonged stress.
  • Back pain in the lumbar spine can be a difficult birth outcome.
  • One of the most characteristic symptoms of a person exposed to intolerable physical and psychological strain is back pain.
To relieve acute pain, your doctor may recommend a painkiller or injection. Healing gymnastics, cold-hot treatment, acupuncture, baths require a much more time-reversing approach. Talk to your doctor about what is best for you. However, long-lasting, pain-free periods can only be achieved through a series of regularly targeted, targeted exercises. The stronger the back and abdominal muscles, the less stress on the spinal column.

Backache: Warm-up is also important

To get the exercises to work, you first need to warm up. Lean over the toe tip of the ceiling as if you were trying to get an apple off the top of the tree. Likewise, stretch your body after a longer life. Let's sit in a small platform and swing our arms to the right and left. Follow our direction with your upper body. Strengthening exercises should start slowly, only gradually increasing to a higher pace.

We should also pay attention to our bodies when doing housework

Work, long hours of exercise, cleaning, cooking, or walking are all about proper posture. We lift a heavier object by squatting, tightening it to our body. Use a backpack to check out, or pack your bags evenly on each side. The work surface (kitchen table, ironing board, diaper) should be so high that we can comfortably reach it even if we challenge ourselves.
For a longer period of exercise, lean on your upper body somewhere or place one of your feet on a slightly higher body. Carry the baby on the right or left. We lie on a mattress that adapts to the natural curvature of the spine. Thus, the intervertebral discs can actually regenerate during sleep. High heels should be flattened sometimes. Let's do backhand multiple times! It is not easy to learn the right posture, but over time, it becomes a good practice.
Specialist: Szilvia Csuhai personal trainer