Music therapy helps the development of premature babies

Music therapy helps the development of premature babies

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Helps premature babies breathe when their mother sings to them, according to a recent study.

It is clear from over a dozen clinical tests that music therapy helps to stabilize premature babies in the hospital period, has been played. The key is probably in this. "Babies born at the right time will recognize the sound of their mother after childbirth. It is extremely important that this ability develops in the premature, when it is not until later in life. , babies automatically calm down, "says Lucja Bieleninik, a research leader at Bergen Music Therapy Center in Norway, who looked at the results of 14 clinical trials that included only 1,000 children. , your music therapy talent also includes this element: a simple, easy-to-predict drum and the familiar voice of a mother. Speech, like singing, can help stabilize and help your baby's breathing.