Pedigree presentation: Jósa András Kourrzb, Nyregyhaza

Pedigree presentation: Jósa András Kourrzb, Nyregyhaza

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We help you choose a baby! We visited the largest department in the country. (Let's look at January 2009 status.)

"It is important for new women to know what we are doing and what they dislike, such as shaving, grooming, cutting," Dr. Pap Kroly, chief medical officer, said. Of course, the agreement does not extend to situations where the mother or the fetus is living a life of health.

dr. Pap Kбroly
Photo: Melylov

The Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Government is the so-called center of gravity of Júsa András Oktatú Kuhrhza. The whole area of ​​the county includes those people whose births make birth difficult. These cases do not improve the statistics, but the essence is not in the numbers.
- Unfortunately, we cannot stop the increase in the number of cesarean sections, but we are now at 33 percent, even though there is strict medical indication that the baby will be terminated in the surgery - the chief physician will cover his hands. It is a big statement that a single woman, a midwife, is well-educated, meaning that her chosen mother-in-law is working alongside all mothers. It is possible to choose a baby and, as the law allows, it can lead to a baby being born unintentionally.
The chief physician had no secret to the idea of ​​developing a blockhouse to integrate the building with a cathedral, which would then be joined by an asterisk in a corridor. They still boast of an alternative living room that provides home conditions. Anyone who chooses this must pay $ 10,000.

The alternative in the living room
Pál-Solomon Gyöngyi is on board
the blushes
Photo: Melylov

The size of the old "living room" is getting smaller and smaller, the single room is constantly being squeezed out on two sides, but it is still a good thing to say, but it is a rich, bulky, virgin. Here the presence of the father is not unambiguous; However, single parents are happy to see fathers, but they are not even attending a course. At birth, there are so many doctors every minute of the day, but anesthesia is only daytime, so EDAs can only last longer.
The department belongs to PIC, where the technical and human conditions have already been provided for the professional care of premature babies.Facts, figures
  • The annual number of births is between 3700 and 4000.
  • Number of beds 138.
  • 12 babies are expecting their babies, of which 6 are single rooms.
  • Mothers can decide whether or not to keep their baby with them.
  • A dedicated nursing advisor, psychologist and Roma coordinator helps mothers.
  • The nursery class has six, five and four-bed rooms, each with its own bathroom.
  • You can choose from eight "hotel rooms" at a cost of $ 50 per day.