Blomutazu cнmы is a family-friendly mesemusical idín at christmas! (X)

Blomutazu cнmы is a family-friendly mesemusical idín at christmas! (X)

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Fantastic folklore, fascinating history and unforgettable songs.

The super-production of the last year, the "Blomutazu cinemas" family-friendly mesemusical time at Christmas, will be held on December 22-23 and 27th at the former Syma Hall. Kids, bring your parents, grandparents too! "For sure, this production has packed everything it could. Each of the solos is hilarious, there are original stories, new songs, captivating feats, distinctive costumes - the critique of this year's biggest show of the month of 2017 which between Christmas and New Year last year, 50,000 people watched the 13 performances. Arrуl that today, when we feel that way, we think we are experiencing that there is so much to be accepted, to always maximize, to lose contact with ourselves, our dreams, not to give ourselves time to process with the wealth of information we get. With this story, the professional entertainer wants the creators to after that, adults should think a little, slow down, and be able to wake up and wake up again as they did in their childhood. And we simply want to enchant children and to dare to wake up not only now but also in their adulthood. www.tulipantunder.hu