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There are 5 areas where grandparents move smoothly

There are 5 areas where grandparents move smoothly

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It's unnecessary to be angry, to buy an example we don't want to, so let's face it: grandma and grandpa are the best!


We know that greenery doesn't have to be forced at all. In fact, they don't really try to cook steaks or salads for their grandchildren. In fact, they take it seriously when asked if Cilike asks for a beetroot in the soup, the answer is NO. Because they love peace and goat at the dining room, they don't want to constantly argue with the poor. If you ask for pancakes first, you get it. And if you don't have a nutella at home, Grandpa rushed him down to the store. You can have a meter long bear sugar on your supper or, if it doesn't, your granny's chamber will have some melting candy or chocolate candy. To the Vacsi, too, carbonic acid
can also drink. A real gastronomy where all the desires are fulfilled.My mother and I entered the gastronomy

Communication and social sensitivity

Grandmothers are serious about blogging and not even embarrassed when in the confectionery, the kid explains to the barn woman, who just dropped the cream that "fuckin '" is pretty damn good. We, parents, are overwhelmed with redness, and excusing ourselves from the business, and we will not go near us for a few years. It doesn't even matter to a high-priest if your favorite little grandson calls him a dagger and ends up in his tummy. In fact, it's just a challenge for a good wrestling or boxing.

Forgotten gambling

Grandpa does not regret being stuck in the mud in the rain, or afterwards (so it's going to be a mother's job to wash her clothes), and she doesn't care if she has to sweep the space out in the yard, because she knows the best levйlkupacot. Grandparents have the time to have one last poster in the evening, or to tell the Hufehrk a fourth time if their grandchild wants it. They do not make stupid excuses, like a three-year-old needing at least eleven ounces to sleep, and going to ovia the next day.


Grandparents are confident that, after three years of continuous death, no one has become a sociopath. It also doesn't bother them that a little curious man keeps asking and commenting on your story, you have to look out, you have to want to be in the neck. In any case, Duluth is just repeating Suleyman. And they are not as envious as mothers who plug the cellphone out of the small. In fact, they are worried that they can handle the phone instead of the child, without having to worry about reading glasses.

Social standard

Not many rules have to be met by grandmothers, just among healthy, age-appropriate frames. Because they don't want to raise a child, take responsibility, you know, it's the privilege of parents. They are also aware that time is running out and that their grandchildren will soon become phlegmatic adolescents, who will just open the door for their pocket money. That's why fun is paramount! No swelling: it can be suppressed at first sight with special senses. Either a cookie or an eye sugar, but they are much better for tickling, not to mention grimacing.