These are the best apps to help you save

These are the best apps to help you save

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Many of us are unfortunately saddened by the problem of relocating. But it is also often the case that it is difficult to raise money for a major expense because we have not done enough.

These are the best apps to help you save (Photo: iStock) The good news is that there are some free apps that make saving easier. Among these, we recommend some.


Koin, a Hungarian developer application can be used on any smart device, but it also has a web version. In the application, we can record our regular income and any additional revenue. Categories can be set - for example, for home, overhead, repainting, kitchen paint, clothes, dressing, etc. - Based on our own money-making habits, we can spend how much we spend on a monthly basis, but you can see it by week. Our expenses can be regular and temporary, and can be tracked in forints and hundreds of times how much we spend. The app helps you can also see how much of your remaining balance you can skip to next month with your cold balance.

Money Lover

We can use the Money Lover app in English, which also has predefined categories to track your spending. In the application, we can set a specific saving amount, and even save for many future plans. The most useful feature of the application is that we can record a specific event, for example, a trip or a multi-business billing process, and we can track your costs here and there.


You can also use Spende on smart devices or on the website. A really simple and clean spooler app that works with features like Koin or Money Lover. Here, too, there are pre-installed categories where you can add one-off and regular editions to see what you spend too much on. You can also upload individual expenses, such as blocks, hashtags, and notes to help you find and manage your expenses. And if you want to keep track of all these on graphs, this will be our application.

Pocket Expense

If you are looking for a simple application to slap, since you just need to select a category and then enter the amount you spend, Pocket Expense is our application. With this app, we can see in just a few months what categories we spend regularly on, This will help you find out where it's worth spending a little bit.


The latest Hungarian application, WSTLSS, is only available in a testable version for the time being, we can register for it until launch - write to This application is really something for those who are looking for impulse, and sometimes they are translating themselves with certain products. In fact, WSTLSS says that if we succeed in not buying what we wanted, we can bring it up, set it up in a category - something that the application confetti, with some laudatory words, let us be proud of. The advantage of the app is that we can see a specific amount at the end of the month, which we managed to save by not doing so much impulse loss.Related links: