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What causes herpes?

What causes herpes?

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We know a lot about herpes, everyone is aware of the occasional blistering of the mouth. But it still has a lot of misconceptions about its origin, its course and its consequences, and it seems to hold some surprises for the professionals.

She crawls, sleeps, reproduces

Herpes has been known for a long time, meaning "thanks". Today we know that it is caused by a virus. Interesting, "over-the-top" and "stick-to-the-word" once you become part of our organization, we will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Following infection, known skin conditions usually develop. As soon as the body's immune response causes the virus to develop "unfavorable" conditions, the virus escapes along the nerve fiber to the nerve glands.
There you can still "sleep", since in this state you are invisible to the defense cells of the body. However, in some cases it re-activates, begins to multiply rapidly, and then recurs via the appropriate nerve endoprosthesis, where .
There are several factors that activate the virus: UV radiation, physical and psychological stress, menstruation, pregnancy, other infections, and generally anything that can make the body less healthy. However, the exact mechanism of reactivity has not yet been clarified.

Some get out, others - two more

There are several viruses in the family of herpes viruses, but two play a role in the formation of herpes: HSV (herpes simplex virus) types 1 and 2.

Herpes on the lips is familiar to many people

THE HSV-1 it mainly affects the lips and mouth, and almost all of the population encounters it from childhood, whether it caused symptoms or not. THE HSV-2 it is mainly responsible for the genital herpes. According to American data, one in every adult is infected with this virus. However, in the course of the disease it causes, its consequences are much more significant than in the past. Blisters, pain are the leading symptoms, but they can be affected by vaginal discharge, poor general condition, and fever.
Symptoms are relieved within 7 to 10 days without treatment, but in the first year following the first infection, it is very common (according to estimates, 94%), and manifestations of 8 to 10 or more years are not uncommon. THE HSV-2 it is much more common than a HSV-1. Of course, the treatment significantly suppresses the drain, relieves symptoms, and can prevent flares.

Baby attention!

The most serious consequence is HSV-2 infections occur when the baby is given the virus during pregnancy or in the midst of pregnancy, because of early miscarriage and severe nervous system symptoms and high fatalities Neonatal infection may be the consequence.
If the pregnant mother of the pregnant woman is already infected, there is a risk of transmission due to possible onset and asymptomatic viral mutation. Fortunately, the risk is relatively low (2-3%). The following during pregnancy HSV-2 however, the risk of transmission is 50-60%, and if this occurs, the subsequent infection Come on 50% New Year's Eve!

Have you ever thought about herpes?

Less known area a HSV-fertхzйs And the relationship of infertility. 15-20% of couples in Hungary are bear. More morbidities have been linked to infertility, but it seems that HSV Both the female side and, perhaps more significantly, the male side have a very negative impact on fertility. According to data reported in 2003, a HSV-fertхzйs it significantly reduces the number of sperm, but also significantly aggravates the mobility of existing spermatozoa - it is asymptomatic and asymptomatic! -, causing another infertility factor in the HSV-fertхzйst should also be taken into account.

Innocent chick? - or herpes prevention

What can be done? Primarily to prevent infection. With intimate contact - even with crap! - spreading color Being blocked from being promised is not easy, because we don't know who can kill the virus. It is important to know that the onset of an infection is always a good time, but it can be a virus during a completely asymptomatic period. The logical question is how do we know if we are infected or not? Only a blood test (serology), but today it is possible to find out with certainty.
Fortunately, we have an agent, even in tablet form, capable of inhibiting viral growth, infectious transmission, since the virus acts exclusively on a large number of infected cells. The drug was discovered in 1988 and was awarded the Nobel Prize.
If you notice any symptoms, you should seek medical attention, whether you have cold sores or genital herpes. For cold sores, your doctor may recommend a more effective pill treatment for your local therapist, and the need for a pill treatment for genital herpes is obvious. In addition, due to the variety of appearance, it is sometimes not an easy task to make the correct diagnosis and isolate the changes, for example, from a fungal infection (both can be present at the same time).
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