Five annoying facts about childbirth

Five annoying facts about childbirth

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It often happens that not everything is born around the birth you imagined it to be. However, he did not try to prepare for every eventuality.

The great moment of birth

1. The ferns can stop or slow down

Based on the cookbooks, you can easily believe that the foxes start off slowly, slightly, and infrequently, and then gradually thicken and increase to the point where the tufts are smaller. As a result, you may start immediately with two-minute cubs, as it is relatively common for the cubs to temporarily stop at the beginning of the fetal phase or to slow down the cuttings slightly towards the end. However, you do not have to worry about this, although if you are tired, your doctor and your baby will probably try to "speed up" the cobwebs. posture-vбltoztatбssal (ask you to stand up, walk, squat) or by infusing oxytocin. This is not ideal, but you should know that the proper deterrent name of oxytocin, when used properly (bile booster), does not increase pain, only the effectiveness of cobwebs increases. " the mother of the sober Sombor. "After the first eleven o'clock, I was given oxytocin because I was so tired that my doctor feared that I would not be able to push it out. at first it did not go easy, but it proved very effective: Sombor was born in an urn. "

2. Birth still has no end to childbirth

Once the baby is out, laid on your stomach, expecting the cord, taking it, measuring it, dressing it up, you can be relieved of it - just not yet. First, you need to give birth to a bedding, which can include a slight concussion, killing, pushing, and then your doctor will check that your letter is working properly. Finally, he checks if there are bruises on the sleeve and on the barrier, and if so, or stitches, he stitches them together. The whole thing does not last more than half an hour, but the baby is often it is also more unpleasant they kill me, even if they don't count on me. "It's totally unexpected that I have something to do after my baby is born," she says. Lotti, eighteen days old Lхrinc йdesanyja. "I felt badly in touch and sewing, but it was a tremendous fact that my baby girl showed me the crib. She said this was the dollhouse my baby lived in for nine months."

3. You will not be in the best shape in the post-birth pictures

Bбr the celebrities freshly washed, ironed lбthatуk the szьlйs utбn nйhбny minutes kйszьlt kйpeken, sхt Amerikбban kьlцn szolgбltatбskйnt kйrhetх the kуrhбzaktуl that ъjdonsьlt maternity hajбt йs sminkjйt hozzбk order to elsх kцzцs fotуhoz, jу esйllyel you kissй meggyыrve, fбradtan nйzel then kamerбba , no matter how fit you feel. You can help with this by asking your priest to make black and white pictures. Digital photo cameras, and even the vast majority of smartphones, can be set to monochrome with a single gesture. "After the birth of my great-great-granddaughter, I thought I could move mountains." Trixi, six years old Eszti And her age Nуri anyukбja. "After watching the baby room, my daddy waited outside in the hallway to congratulate him. waving to the camera ".

4. You will not have milk immediately

Although the newborn, if he can, immediately and mohan bump into the nipple, you can measure how much you will not eat for a day or two. No matter what initial breastfeeding is very useful: Fat-colored premature plays a very important role in the baby's immunization, and frequent breastfeeding stimulus is a great help in quick breastfeeding. " get first and get more often I have to put it on my breast, but somehow I thought I'd have milk right away, "he says Zita, six months old Zйtйny йdesanyja. "My baby boy was constantly with me after he was born, and whenever he asked, I was breastfeeding, but on the second day I couldn't help but calm down. When I asked the baby why he said he was hungry. I figured out how that could be because I was breastfeeding almost twice. Then on the third day, my milk crushed and I immediately broke off. "

5. Your stomach does not disappear immediately

Even though your pregnancy pants or skirt are going to the church, you will feel it when you go home, you'll be far away for a couple of monthsto fit comfortably into your previous clothes. Of course, it's worthwhile to set a goal, say, to celebrate your child's annual birthday with your old farmer, but it's too fast and drastic to lose weight, especially if your diet is too small for your baby and breastfeeding. to my workplace, I was asked more when I was going to be born exactly "- he says Zsuzsa, the eight-year-old Kincsх And the year-round Blanka йdesanyja. "When I decided to give birth a week ago, most of them felt very uncomfortable, even though they were right: my stomach looked like I was seven or eight months pregnant. "But the unpleasant incident was still referred to by my colleagues when I went back to work at Blanka three years ago."
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