Let's get used to the glasses!

Let's get used to the glasses!

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Some visual defects cause babies to wear eyeglasses as early as infancy. During the age of one, parents first of all need to be accustomed to eyeglasses.

The little kid keeps getting it out of his nose, throwing it out of the stroller, putting it in his mouth - but he does it with his cap, with his toy, not with his glasses. In this case, you should put it back every time.
Explain in a calm voice that you need it, but don't expect it to be understood and accepted. We are more convinced by our calm voice and demeanor. We can be sure that if we do not give up, it will be one month forgets the eye glass, doesn't even realize he's on it.

After a while, the baby gets used to the glasses

Let's start the habit when the baby is at rest, good mood. In the fight down and down, let's take a break and then continue. Divert your baby's attention when you put it on your nose, good time for this stroller: see what's running there, come after the puppy!
The plastic lens, soft nose pad, elastic hair, and metal coating on the metal ensure less wear and tear on the wearer.
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