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Two-Year Party FacesPlace a home party at home!

Two-Year Party FacesPlace a home party at home!

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There are countless companies that offer birthday services, but you can spend a lot on them. Party organizing from finish to finish.

The most memorable birthdays were always filled with exciting, fun-filled social games, everyone was given a couple of small gifts, and their celebrated parents also enjoyed themselves. It is not difficult to sort out such fat, from small to large. Here's a useful schedule.

Two weeks before the party:

Decide what will happen on the site. It's best to celebrate at home: kids love to show their friends where and how they live. The home party is more intimate and full of personality, so it will be a special holiday for the kid. Parents can also learn by playing with their little parents: they can get to know more friends, kindergarten and school friends, and get a little insight into their children's lives outside the home.
Time is important too! If you are planning for a jury on a weekday, you should stay between six and at least a week after the day off in Kindergarten. After that, the evening program is about to begin with most of the family: dinner, bath, bedtime storyto write home. The children get tired during this time on an ovis day and a group of tired kids can't easily be booked. If you are on a weekend, Saturday is usually more appropriate, and you can choose between dated and dated, but it is not advisable to go beyond the three hours.
Let's call you in time! The letter should include the name of the child you are calling, the exact location, the date and the contact details of the hosts. We ask for a call back, so we can estimate how many of our brothers will be. In this case, ask the parents' phone number so that we can call them if they have a problem.

Before the party, set up and decorate the room, the table, the cake


We decide their number, but whoever the child is invited to, let's just get into it, because this is their party. It doesn't matter if the invitees don't all know each other - it's less tense for the kids to quickly find the voice with each other. But it is unfortunate that they are completely unknown to us. Having a very lousy, hard-to-discipline kid in a trustworthy team can spoil your life.
And the adults? Outside, it is good to have two adults present, so the care of the children is less disturbing, and one can devote his full attention to the play. There is no need for more adults. In the presence of many parents, children would behave like themselves. In this case, the host mother should also share her attention between the two parallel parties, which usually do not succeed. Never leave children alone!


  • ingredients for cakes and snacks
  • gyьmцlcslй
  • balloons, paper rhinestones or other homes - on demand
  • small, cheap gifts for bags, such as radar, balloons, cereal, notebook, sharpener, small pack of pencils, chalk, glass ball
  • raw materials for toys, such as toilet paper, wrapping paper, tweezers, popcorn
  • The big day!

    Before the party, we put up and decorate the room, the table, the cake. Let's prepare the games. We involve our children in every possible operation, so they can get ready for the lion in just a few years. While the brothers and sisters are gathering, we can make it easier for those arriving earlier to delay the meal. Once the team has come together, we can start playing the game. It is not obligatory to take part in it, but the big laugh quickly attracts the poorer ones. After a few games, you can start snacking, candle making on the cake and giving advice.
    If the pets are a bit appeased after the big event, we can start playing two more fun games. But soon we hear parents coming from the kids ringing. Are we going to wonder: End of March? If our kid is invited to a party, do you want to go. We definitely call our vendors. We inquire about details. We make it with your suggestions. Let's get it right, and let's go to childrens at the right time.

    While the brothers and sisters are gathering, we can help those who were earlier to eat, it is worth delaying the meal


    Children will soon forget about video, computer and wild parties. With a little imagination, a few small purchases, and a little turnaround time, we can create games that involve a lot of team skates. It is a great benefit that they will not have the time or cause to go wrong.

    Mummy (for three years):

    The kids are mating. Each pair receives a roll of toilet paper. Who wraps up the company sooner? It was a great fun to break up the "cover". Don't forget to swap it out so that the other half can enjoy the game.

    Füles tail (hometown card):

    Let's draw a Fulles on a large wrapping paper. Let's cut the tail off. Let's put a piece of glue on the end of the tail. Lock the eyes of the contestants. The winner closes the tail closest to the place.

    Tweezer (for three years):

    while the kids are playing in one of the rooms, the helpless adult will walk all the way to the apartment and drop them in a height of thirty to thirty colored clothes pins. When you're done, you can go for a tweezer, but only in silence, because when you get loud, your tweezers disappear. You can keep the tweezers you find (which is a big treasure for an ovis) or put it on a small bag.
    Target Toss Ball (3 year olds);

    Bundle, worth a buck (six years old)

    First and foremost, outdoor games are a big success.

    Paperclips Folding and Jumping (for a year):

    In most origami books, you can find the method of folding paperback jumping paper. Let's fold it up with the kids and see who gets to their destination as soon as possible!

    Play Bonus Play (from age 6):

    The small gifts are wrapped in multiple layers of wrapping paper. The kids are all around. The luggage will be launched for music. Whenever music stops, everyone breaks down a layer of wrapping paper in their hand. Whoever breaks down the last one is the one who gives it away. Let's make it work for everyone!

    Cornflower (six-year-old):

    Each child gets an extra popcorn and a bigger barbecue. Who makes a long chain in five minutes? The next lift for the corn games: hanging up the chain. Who eats corn without using it sooner?