Green recipes for the whole family

Green recipes for the whole family

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Stuttered, flesh-free woodpockets - toothpaste!


Hozzбvalуk: a slice of Canadian steakhouse, 5 deca feta cheese for mom (after a year, a few pieces of mozzarella cheese can be added to the toddler)
We mix a teaspoonful of the oven-baked oven-baked eggs with two teaspoonfuls of breast milk, then gently poke the baby. The rest of the cakes are with mom, feta cheese very delicious. There is no need for papering any more, the little one can serve it anyway.
Sьtхtцk: six days ago
With feta, mozzarella: one year old


Hozzбvalуk: 5 deca sorbari, 10-20 milliliters of breast milk. Adult Dose: Two larger yellow rape
You don't have to cook it all. It is wrapped in aluminum foil without being thoroughly brushed and baked in the oven at 200 degrees for forty minutes. Cool the skin and whip with the milk. For a portion of grapes, a little lemon, parsley yogurt with nimi curry.
Pьrй: six days ago
yogurt: one year old

Broccoli and broccoli broth

Hozzбvalуk: 40 deca broccoli, a potato, curdled sour cream, nutmeg, a deci custard cream, toasted croutons, a tablespoon of grated cheese
Wash the broccoli on the roses and drizzle them in a little water with the potatoes cut into cubes under a lid. Let's lift out two tiny pieces of water with one or two dice potatoes, then blend in a little breast milk to a brownie, this will be the baby. Sauté the rest, season with a teaspoonful of ground nutmeg and blend together. If necessary, add a little water, and finally cook with the cream. The delicious, lactated cream soup can come with toasted breadcrumbs and grated cheese, and it will be your mother.
Pьrй: Seven to eight days old
Soup: One year old

The more vegetables you make, the soup, the better

Tomato cauliflower with turkey

Hozzбvalуk: 40 deca cauliflower, 10 deca turkey roast, 5 deca thick tomato puree, two tablespoons bread crumbs, one deci natural yogurt, one teaspoon oil
Wash thoroughly, add to rye, and then lightly moisten the cauliflower with a little water. Fry the minced meat in a pan with a little oil. In another pan, fry the bread crumbs. Let's highlight the baby with a big cat's cauliflower and a tablespoon of minced meat, then blend the bacon with a tablespoon of tomato sauce and a small cooker. Drain the rest of the cauliflower and place on the hot, roasted crumbs.
Heat the remaining tomato puree twice with the cooker. At night, strain the steamed, peppered, mashed, minced meat with tomato puree and drizzle with a little yogurt around the neck. This is how your adult dose is prepared in the next two to three minutes.
Available from eight months of age, milk-free.

A bunch of green beans

Hozzбvalуk: 30 deca tender green beans, two deci natural yoghurt, a small piece of onion, a few sprigs of parsley, a teaspoon of mustard, two tablespoons of lemon, a teaspoon of honey
Cut off the two ends of the green bean, then wash it thoroughly. Simmer soft but not dry in a little water. For the little ones, let's take five or six whole pieces and taste the small yogurt mixed with parsley cut onion in a beaker.
The little ones are very fond of ready-to-eat, delicious food, even if it is possible to visit! Let's try it on other steamed greens as well! You may not want to eat the same thing after trying it! The rest of the green bean nut: chop and mix with lemon juice, yogurt, mustard, parsley and mousse. Green bean is ready!
Both are variations of one year old.

PйCйKб pırй

Hozzбvalуk: a small and tender zucchini, a finger piece of onion, two potatoes, sauteed, a teaspoon of butter, two tablespoons of sour cream, white pepper
Cut off the two ends of the zucchini, wash it and slice it into rings. Let us wash, wash, and cut the potatoes. Cut off the damaged roots of the dust, peel off the outer layer, wash thoroughly, and then cut into rings. Season the porridge, zucchini and potatoes in a little water. Take it out of the baby and blend it with breast milk or a little cooker. It is also shorter to press with a fork.
Let's chop the rest, stir in a little butter, sour cream, sprinkle with seasoned salt, and sprinkle with dry white pepper. Wrap it in fork or potato press. They are wrapped, delicious on their own.
Standard version is recommended for seven month olds, with extra one year olds.

Mixed steaks of winter

Additions to 5-6 servings: 50 dkg potatoes, 50 dkg rapeseed or white rape, 50 dkg celery, two tablespoons oil 2.5 dl apple juice, 25 dkg chicken breast
Boil the potatoes in the heat, thus preserving the vitamins they contain. Let's cool off the skin and still warm it. Clean the glaze and celery, then finely chop it. Let us try two tablespoons of greenery and then add the apple juice to it. Cook on low heat for ten minutes. Then add the chicken breast cut into small cubes and cook for up to a quarter.
Mix it with the mashed potatoes and rapeseed oil. Water is added if needed. Put into five or six portions into the frying pan. Larger infants use a botmixer to clean the dose, and after one year can eat small pieces of food.
Hint: Instead of chicken, we can cook whole fish fillets. The fish cook for five minutes, then add to the steaks when the greens are almost tender. It is recommended from 7 months.


Let us chop a medium-sized onion, drizzle it with two tablespoons of oil, and then filter on 1 kg of planed nuts. Simmer for 10-15 minutes under a lid, then press in a clove of garlic, add a bunch of dill cut to the dad. In a glass of sour cream, mix two tablespoons of rice flour or oatmeal flour, and then strain the steaks with this mortar.
Instead, we can use potato flakes or boiled, squeezed potatoes for this purpose. Let us use the freeze-dried leaves when releasing the frozen planed! Stir in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or half a lemon juice before eating. The adult dose is only given after a meal, and only a small amount is added to your toddler.
The family dose can be given from the age of 10 months.
Hint: The steaks can be topped with brown bread, variously cut into shapes.

Mixed Greenery

At first, of course, you need to pat the green, but you can smell the baby just after the first tooth is extended with soft-cooked pieces. Thoroughly wash the beetroot, potatoes, celery, whites, parsnips and cook them in a shell in a shell or in a saucepan. Afterwards, mark it and circle it on the bowl. So you don't lose so much vitamin and you can transfer more of the original flavor to the dish.
Stir the cauliflower and broccoli into parsley to stew until soft. Next to the neatly arranged pieces of greenery, let's put cheeseburgers or a herbaceous onion center in the center of the dough, where you can dip the steamed greens.
It can be given from the age of 7-8 months, and the seasoned greens from the age of 10-12 months can be served with kefir, yogurt and a teaspoon of mustard.
Cheeses suitable for vegetables:
  • Mozzarella
  • Cream Sport Cheese
  • Gomolya cheese
  • Trappist cheese
  • Gouda cheese
  • UVA cheese
  • Anikу cheese

  • Frost-free wood sticks

    25 dg of soft-boiled chickpeas are wiped with a fork. Цsszekeverjьk kйt slice vнzbe бztatott and kinyomkodott brown kenyйrrel, 10 ounces or darбlt mandulбval fцldimogyorуval a egйsz tojбssal, a grated evхkanбl hagymбval a kбvйskanбl fokhagymapйppel a evхkanбl aprнtott parsley, an evхkanбl oil fйl kбvйskanбlnyi хrцlt kцmйnymaggal pinch sуval. With water, we form small dumplings and bake in a baking sheet with baking paper.
    Family feed, can be given to the baby from 12 months.
    More Green Recipes:
  • Corn feta pancakes
  • Cyclopshell with hoggombs
  • Fresh spring greens
  • Padlizsбnkrйm

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