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Cleaning the car in 5 steps

Cleaning the car in 5 steps

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Do you like car racing? The user manual tells you how to look, where to put it, how to tilt it, how to tilt it, or how to put your pins.

The seats must be cleaned

There is a lot of information in the instruction manual, but one very important thing is not mentioned in it. "The six seem a bit too much, but it comes down to being a lot better and nicer than what we have right now. what we really need. Let's take a look at how to get around the car. "Do you know the problem? According to the seating instructions, a little warm water, some dishwashing liquid and a sponge can help keep the sage clean. Sounds simple. But somehow it is not. Because autos are full of crumbs, which can often be scraped off using only a flat screwdriver. Of course, in the midst of what seems impossible, what are you doing? Бtkozуdsz. Kбromkodsz. Ъgyhogy under no circumstances should you clean your car before childrenunless you want your kindergarteners to learn these lovely cifra words from your child.So, get the car out of the car and see to the cleaning! What can you count on? There are five stages of car cleaning:1. Tagadбs (No, I don't want to clean it!)
2. Anger (What does that look like? You do!)
3. Alkudozбs (God, get the dirt out of here and never ask again.)
4. Depressziу (Why should I clean up? It'll be the same again.)
5. Elfogadбs (I'll do it. I'll do it.) After you fill up on the feed, you promise never to give the kids something to eat in the car again. And of course drink it. But days and weeks pass, and you realize that sometimes you have to give them some snacks if you want to drive. You try the drink first, and then come the tips, one biscuit after the other, so you can start cleaning up first.They may also be interested in:
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