A fun way for a mother to solve a problem with bilize

A fun way for a mother to solve a problem with bilize

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We know that changing to room cleanliness is not easy, it takes a lot of patience, time and cleaning. An American mother solved one of the three basic problems.

This is how to avoid a party accidentShona McLoughlin posted on Facebook his pictures of how to solve a toddler's life in the midst of a toddler so he doesn't have to feed himself. The pictures were covered with a towel over the entire floor area of ​​her baby's playroom. Photographers have had great success in the media. "It's just living and I'm looking forward to peeing. I have no idea what I'm doing," he added funnyly. when the time comes and when it comes out, it will be completely alive, and every child will have the big moment. Dr. Lisa Asta, a professor at the University of California, told that just because a parent wants their child to become a housekeeper is still not sure he or she is ready. "This is a natural process and cannot be bailed out." Of course, patience, time, praise are very important to the parents. Patience is especially needed when the inevitable accident occurs: peeing, peeing next to the potty, not getting there in time.Related articles in Room Cleanliness:
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