Szllii Verification: Let's repair the system!

Szllii Verification: Let's repair the system!

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Parents should be given more rights, at least with regard to school failures. This is also urged by the Hzb Pediatricians Association.

Greater freedom should be given to parents

Pölцskey Peter, a member of the board of the Association, a home pediatrician told the Hungarian Nation that more freedom should be given to parents to justify staying at home due to a more serious illness. that you have a mild illness the parent is also suitable for home care And also to confirm that the symptoms have gone away.More months later, she is encouraged by more pediatricians, the Association of Home Pediatricians and, of course, unofficially, but many parents should go exclusively to your medical certificate. In such cases, the child is also exposed to some of the illnesses that can be obtained at the dispensary during the procedure. According to an article by the Hungarian National, it is now often the case that the doctor verifies in most schools, a parent can justify 3 days, which is not determined by law, but the school's homeland. Decades before, . This is not justified today.
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