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Bad breastfeeding techniques can also cause fungal illness

Bad breastfeeding techniques can also cause fungal illness

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We live with hundreds of thousands of species of fungi in the world, and a few of them can endanger our health.

They are ubiquitous in our skin, in our minds, in our intestines, but for the most part, they are just alive with one another. Fungal diseases that cause serious complaints can develop if our defense system is out of balance.

Poor breastfeeding may result in nipple formation

For example, infections of the nipple fungus usually result in poor breastfeeding and poor breast placement. Even more contagious, if the infected nipple is wrapped in a mild bra, breastfeeding pad. Because the buttons prefer warm, humid and dark places.
The same is the case with buttons on the sleeve and around it. The molded, non-volatile underbody bag with a waterproof liner is a hot boot for mushrooms. Moisture stagnation, skin irritation is difficult, so it is difficult to overcome complaints.An uncomfortable side effect of a broad spectrum antibiotic treatment can be fungal infections. The neglected and heated cleaning also favor the mushrooms. An overabundance of soaps and shower trays damage the skin's natural fungicides and natural bacterial flurries, which also protect against fungi.
If we suspect a fungal disease, first of all, the healthy functioning of our skin: Keep in a dry, well-ventilated place. Talk to your doctor about treatment options. If it is not possible to determine precisely the species causing the infestation, it is generally recommended that the patient contain ointments containing active ingredients that are effective against all fungal species. Regular treatment for a sufficient amount of time after the problems listed above can be very effective.
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