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Fools, dumb and damn the fungus!

Fools, dumb and damn the fungus!

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There are many methods of natural healing. There are some that are useful, some that affect the souls rather than the body, but unfortunately we cannot say that they are all harmless.

Kandida diet, laziness, insanity - just three of the practices that can cause serious, diverse injuries.
Here's the problem with diagnosis right away - it's not uncommon for you to get a diagnosis by the time you get a variety of tests, a swing, or even a test that can be completed online. An endless list of symptoms of candidacy can be summarized, for example, in the context of "generally bad health." It is more due to sleep, cravings, malnutrition and lack of exercise than fungal frontal attacks. Of course, if one does not feel comfortable in his or her skin, it is much easier to hear that he or she will be better after some blemishes than to face his or her hidden aims and problems. "No need to change lifestyle," promises a faithful patient traveling in one of the candidates. And here's the tremendously dangerous trap. You can expect no improvement from treatment, purifying capsules to more than the effect of a placebo, but only if you believe in the cure. Because there would be no need for a living! It's an overseas announcement that you can safely put on the bacon, plucked flesh, lace, and sit in the ass all day long, just go for a regular indoor cleanse or, better still, get a cleanse. The majority of these capsules contain laxative drugs (for example, spinach, canine whiskers), the "better ones" do not include one, hydrants, and other digestive drugs. True, if you take it you will be lighter in a couple of kilos, but this effect is not lasting and the damage is extremely dangerous because long-term use can lead to chronic metabolism and vitamin deficiency, not to mention stomach diarrhea. And there is no scientific evidence that these "handlers" can seriously harm the candidate. dr. According to mycologist Simon, who has been engaged in the treatment of fungal diseases for several decades, there is no need to eradicate Candida albicans, since the natural habitat of this fungus is the gastrointestinal tract. Steps to eradicate them are therefore inappropriate, as they will upset the balance of microorganisms.
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Kandida- "jбrvбny"
The Candidate is, in spite of all scientific controversy and protest, a huge natural cure business. However, evidence-based medicine is globally unavailable. According to the American College of Allergology and Immunology, candidacy is "speculative and scientifically unsupported." But this feeble voice is barely audible when we search in natural science publications and on the candidate's parenting websites. This is because we find detailed symmetrical descriptions, but so detailed that practically everyone can be aware of at least one or two of them (in most cases this is a very good basis for suspicion of candidiasis). Almost everything from abdominal bloating to migraine and hair loss, to frequent malaise, chronic fatigue, and depression. But then what is the truth?
"The syndrome that the poor Candida albicans stitches around is so contradictory that it should not be contaminated," says dr. Gyula Simon. - At the same time, data collection in the case of candidates for examination proves important information. One is that nearly three quarters of patients are women, 60-80% of whom are sexually inactive or have relationship problems. Alternatively, overweight can cause symptoms such as hormonal changes (menopause, pregnancy, postpartum pregnancy), stressful lifestyle, or other mental strain. I tell you an example: a patient in Hungary is a "candidate" and has no sexual relationship with his brother. He occupies himself with a great deal of foreign labor, with a steady "whitewash," where he "cherishes". If he gets home, he'll be sick again. Your husband wears it from order to order and the real cause of the problem is unknown. It is not by chance that the overwhelming majority of practitioners regard the candidate as a psychosomatic illness, but few dare to recommend psychiatric consultation. Not to be overlooked, it's not that everyone is mentally ill or hypochonder who says "candid", but it is very common in my experience that psychological support, a currency problem, requires empathetic revealing.
Existing disease - but rare
Candida albicans is a representative of the fungus, which is also present under normal conditions in both the healthy human being and the environment. It is part of the microflora of the body, and until now it does not reproduce in abnormal amounts while the body's billions of tiny bodies are in balance. The presence of the candidate can be detected by microscopic examination and culturing in places where it may occur under normal conditions, such as urine, stool and throat. In fact, not just detectability, but high levels of cerebral palsy may indicate the development of a candidate abnormality. However, this may indicate a more serious underlying disease.
Balancing the balance can contribute to a long-lasting, broad-spectrum antibiotic that decimates the beneficial bacteria in us and provides the free space for the fungi. However, these are temporary problems and can be handled well. At the same time, the drug treatment of the wrong candidate can be very damaging, as the death of fungi can also upset the status quo: malignant bacteria that proliferate without harm will proliferate.
Nowadays, the main cause of cancer is mentioned by the candidate, which is the danger of diagnosing cancer that is preventable and incurable, and is often incurable, since the condition is "fatal".
kiterjedх egйszйre konkrйt or organs of the body sъlyos, akбr йletveszйlyes kandidafertхzйs also elхfordulhat, szerencsйre ritkбn: elsхsorban under sйrьlt immunrendszerыeknйl, or rбkbetegeknйl kemoterбpiбs kezelйs бllуknбl, szervбtьltetйsen бtesett, therefore, the йs immunvбlaszt elnyomу kezelйsben rйszesьlх betegeknйl or AIDS pбcienseknйl. It is not uncommon for this serious disease to threaten a significant proportion of the population.
As for the candidate diet advertised on the Transit, it is believed by the practitioner to lead to the development of certain ailments and to the disruption of normal metabolism. Instead, a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in fruits, fruits, whole grains and naturally white and animal protein is better than nothing when it comes to eating. Symptomatic and very typical contribution from a Candidate Diet internet forum, which indicates with repeated use that we are confronted with a hard-line religious request: "I have sinned recently.
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