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What is a Beauty?

What is a Beauty?

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My dear, my dear, tell me! - Every day, the wicked evil stepmother will come to ask you questions. Easy for her, she's right to claim at least one podium spot on the world rankings. The average lady, on the other hand, may not dare to look at the mirror ...

What is a Beauty?

Love her!

Man is a social girl. Of course, after a hard day at work or uninterrupted baby rumble, we tend to say: I don't want anything else but a quiet nook where we can be alone. But if this were to materialize, it wouldn't take long for us to look back at our original cavernous, noisy life. In fact, our life depends on maintaining and nurturing our relationships. relativesto, barбtainkto, embertбrsainkit is our relationship that determines what we do, if they are not, they will run out of fuel, there is no need to get up in the morning. The rope between people can be essential, very much it is essential that others like us, to be sympathetic, to be attracted to us. Already in early childhood, we begin to pay attention to what others think about us, why they love someone even less. And, perhaps already then, we tend to think that our appearance, beauty, is determined in this field.

Who's nice can do anything?

Unfortunately, life is unfair. Valуban counted on the outside in the development of human relationships. At least in the field of superficial knowledge. According to research, it is Attractive children are much more popular in the age group of five to six years, their peers, and - certainly - adults. If a pretty cheeky puppy is covering the milk jug, both your aunt and the ovist are more likely to attribute the case to malevolence than to accidental or unintentional inertia. If you do the same thing with a less attractive outward ovis, you are less likely to assume you have done direct trouble, and you are ready to do it anyway. According to social psychologists, it is not just about children that we "mыkцdьnk". The first impression it really counts when it comes to adult awareness. But beware: the more beautiful you are, the more you will love it!

The currency is beautiful

Based on our research and our daily experience, we can say that the longer term, in deeper relationships, the outsider counted less megjelenйs. For the moment of "coming together," it is probably the most lawful one: likeness resembles itself well. In other words, (as far as can be seen) similarly attractive people, and even like-minded people, are more in touch with each other more easily. But as time goes on and the relationship diminishes, "familiarity" itself will appeal. We get to know, love (or get used to) the qualities of the partner, feel safe next to him / her, and realize that we do not find the skinny, the most sore or the exotic, the big, the nose, the skin.

The models are baba

Well, why are women overwhelmed with their looks? There may also be root causes of this in childhood, which are due to disturbances in relationships with parents, siblings, women, and motherhood. But if there is no big deal in the way personality is concerned, our relationship with the body is of great value ... unless ... unless we get a lot of false information about what is nice, wholesome, to follow. But unfortunately it does. From our childhood, we got to know Barbie and Kent, the princesses of Disney, and the darks of soap operas, movies, commercials, curvy breasts, long thighs. We turn to the barman, they are there, and they say: You can be successful, rich and happy if you look that way. These are the models in our lives. Not a single little gum is allowed on our tummy. And, unfortunately, we believe in them more than in our couple, who says the other way: a woman looks like she has a belly. Let's think about this again!
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