After the kid comes over, what do I do? - Vekerdy ​​answers

After the kid comes over, what do I do? - Vekerdy ​​answers

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Come on over to her - she says she's just a baby, but her grandmother is worried.

"My grandson is a young, meaningful, inquisitive, strong-willed (not hysterical), dear little girl. it works with a lot of moribund and difficult to socialize children.After the kid comes over, what do I do? - Vekerdy ​​answers My grandson is the only "normal" one among them (according to the Uncle!) And therefore does not like to go to school. You can't play with us! It's not my problem that they have kids like this because they get all the help here, but my grandson is already scared of the kindergarten. The reason my granddaughter went here is that the foundation school that her boyfriend has been going to is on this site. It's about 25 kilometers from your home, so you can take them in a shuttle. She says she'll get used to it, and she's just acting. I don't know how much acting can be done when you cry at night and say that I don't want to go out! The first sentence of Йbredsky is also: "Let us not go to the ov!" Please reassure me that this number will not be a problem in later life, "the grandmother wrote in a letter.

Vekerdy: Integration is a good thing

I am a believer in integration, in education, and from Australia to the United States and to Western and Western Europe, we can see that integration is the only and - for children. Every child develops better in the integrated class, the talented child (!), And not just in social and emotional life - which is crucial for later income! - but also in their literal life by helping others ("We learn by teaching!") and by returning to certain topics again and again, expanding their depths much more. But of course, there are strict rules for integration in body, mind and spirit. You have to understand it. You have to learn. From a medical, pediatric, psychological, educational and legal point of view, and always from the starting point things are very important. Integration works well, even for integrals, if they do not outperform a certain - and in other cases other - values. For example, if we integrate children with behavioral disabilities, they can be no more than five (maybe ten) percent of the class ... If these rules are not adhered to, the integrated child will not develop and the kindergarten group or class will be inoperable.
But if I read the letter well, there is not really an integrated upbringing here, but a segregated ("separated") group, where there are basically only "difficult" children, a "non-difficult" ("normal") child.
But to answer it now, it is very important for the small child to be able to to grow with the greatest degree of securityto be "free" in everyday life, in the game, and not to be obstructed by his surroundings - or his own fear and dread of the environment.
I think the family is looking for an urgent solution locally. Do you like school? Insoluble? How long does this hold? September September? If this dread and contradiction is nothing and continuous, I think - my civil opinion! - not to think further.I don't think the baby is "coloring" and I also find it hard to imagine being "good" there for her in the daytime. I don't know the family situation, I don't know what solutions are possible, brother who might be at home and then he could stay at home? If there is no other solution, what I first mentioned is left: a kindergarten close to my place of residence. Now I have to mention a problem. Often, the mother-in-law relationship is very sensitive. (Or is the mother of the baby your own girl?) At this point, even the most noticeable observations may be oil on the fire, and the tension - and the resulting defiance - that the child may be watching. It's hard to say what a tactful, everyone's interest - and a tension solving - is an equally helpful approach that would really benefit the child. I may also seek parenting advice from my parents locally and consult a specialist counselor. Although the description seems to be clear enough, it is clear that maintaining such a condition may be harmful to the child. Article Source: Tamás Vekerdy: Toddlers, Children. kцnyve.
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