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Sorry to divorce you!

Sorry to divorce you!

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Do the baby and the mother always get together to divorce? Unfortunately, no, and this can cause complications.

Sorry to divorce you!

We have two children, our baby is four and a half years old, our baby boy is one and ten months old.
I could only breastfeed my first child for three and a half months because of my inexperience, hospital nutrition, and bad advice. Secondly, I really wanted to be a fool and succeeded. Until six months ago, my baby had only breast milk, and suckling for one year and up to eight months.And then I made the biggest mistake of my life, the irreversibility of which still prevails. Breastfeeding has been a burden for me, the night revolt. The longer family, in fact, is my son didn't look him in the eye eitherthat you are breastfeeding such a child. In August, we were officially invited to a distant wedding, so it seemed a good decision to put the children to the grandparents for a week, the ones they love often being together. There was nothing wrong then grandmother gave her shop milk in a cup, and she slept without difficulty. When we met a week later, and my little boy saw me and started crying. It was terrible… She didn't want to breastfeed for three and a half days, she woke up at dawn once and asked for a glass of milk. On the fourth day, he started talking about the baby by day, letting go of it, saying that he was empty, he tasted it, and he asked for store milk. After a few days he left this day's milk. I don't know why, I am getting better he began to complain that I was divorced, and this anxiety is probably also influenced by the children. My little boy started to wake up again many times at night and demand milk. At this point, I try to boil just water so that I don't drink milk all night, so I guess it's not good for him. I always get over it, it goes to my neck (sleeps a little), there are lighter nights when I can anesthetize, there are difficulties when we also walk the urinals. It is a remorse of conscience that I could breastfeed again at this time. Her first reaction was that she was titty, took my blues, but didn't ask. I was stroking, sorry for me, telling her that she had to fall asleep. So the parting didn't fulfill her hopes: the my little boy still wakes up at night, just harder to reassure, i'm not relaxed either, and i guess this heartbreaking remorse will never go away.Also, your second year is going to wow my baby started crying again in the morning, she doesn't want to stay in kindergarten - she's been so happy so far.
1. Could my grandmother cry in kindergarten because of my anxiety?
2. Can I do something so ex-post to reverse this - I think - bad decision? I know, first and foremost, I should rest, but how?
3. Do you think it would be good for my baby or boy to ask him again if he wants to?
I do not know if I have put my aid, leniency or not, in a good place. I really need your answer, and I would like to thank you in advance.
CarolinaDear Karolina, It is very different times for weaning and weaning for the baby and the mother. Sometimes, it coincides, sometimes, it doesn't. If a mom turns to me before the separation begins to ask if she wants to divorce her baby, she should always be reminded whether she wants to divorce her or press for it In the first case, I always encourage him to do so, because if he is not breastfeeding well, if his organization protests against it, then it is in everyone's interest to stop separation, no one needs to but if you find out that the mother is the husband / mother / mother or someone else wanting to divorce the baby, then you have plenty of time to talk about the baby, where to give the baby where its place in that family. That whose life it iswhether you can think independently, and why you are so heavily weighted by the disapproval of the other family member. Because surely the environment can put a lot of pressure on most mothers and it's a hell of a hell of a lot to stop us from engaging in the anger of others, especially in an environment where we are proficient, we want to practice why you decided to divorce and also understand why you have remorse. Again, I want to make sure that you do not look back, but only forward and get the best out of it. It was, this is it, now what? How can you give your children the best they can? So that when the цn need attention, you will be full hearted turns, or explicitly telling us that you can't "be there" right now, you need to find a solution to the problem a little bit sooner. That they can do a lot with us if they want to. If you are evaluating what is good for them and moving on, you decide. Once you have made the decision, you will surely be calmer and so your child will return to the correct wheel.
Thank you, JuditKedves Judit, Thank you very much for your prompt and relaxed, non-stop response. I noticed that my little boy was coping, coping with the situation, rather than my uncertainty. During the day I saw babies breastfeeding in picture book browsing, I asked her if she would be pregnant, she said no ... And he falls asleep. I suppose this is good for the little soul now. Thank you once,
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