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How does a mother view a father and a son twin? How do boys survive hooking, hanging out? Our readers recall the moments in an anticipated way.

It's morning in the morning, it's a quarter of a week. Dйnes йbredezik, in the first word, is looking for his daddy. I'm lucky Dad only goes to work in duluth, so I get some time for a nap. But with Füll I listen to them.

The apбval watering is one of the best things you can do. They start in their pajamas on the balcony, and sprinkler. Danes takes two small canisters, some of which have some hardships, and water the flowers. Big shit afterwards, you're not thirsty at all! Then come the mesйlйs. In dad's life, the son has a favorite storybook or a huge star. The stories are invented by Dad, and the pictures are searched by Dan.
A lot of their mutual program there is also: tickling the yarn boat with dolls, playing jigsaw, bathing, jigsaw puzzle. Dean helps him clean the green for cooking, sets in the garage, and they both eat lemons like apples. Whenever I look at the two of them, it comes to my mind szerencsйs i am how i can love them!
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