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I need my egg!

I need my egg!

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There are countries where getting a sperm cell is as easy as getting a used car. There are also egg cell donations in Hungary, but serious conditions must be met before they can be created.

You give up when you make the diagnosis: You can't have a baby. You can't be a baby of your own blood. But you can't see your own traits on your baby's face ... It's hard to accept this for your hubby, especially if you've been trying hard. But unfortunately this is the case: no egg. None if the ovaries are unsuitable for egg production due to ovarian depletion, severe endometriosis or other problems, or if the ovaries had to be removed.


The only way for the family to cling to it is to conceive a child with the help of another egg, naturally with the artificial insemination technique. Once this has been reversed, the embryo can be implanted in the mother's womb just like a flask of its own. This latter passage is slowly being overlooked by everyone who reads women's magazines, and there is nothing special about it ... But where do they seek egg?

Mother Teresa is looking for her

In Hungary, only an anonymous donor or a close relative can receive the egg. Unless you have a healthy female relative younger than 35, the situation is very difficult. The legal conditions of anonymous donation are extremely ambiguous, so there are virtually no runners who are willing to subject themselves to terrestrial motivation. It is difficult to store eggs in the blind if there is nothing to fertilize. Freezing would be optimal, but unfortunately freezing of ova is not as effective as freezing embryos or hormone cells.


Of course, if you are crying, your niece, your cousin, you are willing to make this sacrifice, you can have more children. The two female cycles should be synchronized with the hormone dose, and the donor should follow the pathway used by mothers with a flask program to stimulate their ovaries by This is checked with the help of a vaginal ultrasound, and then the ultrasound guidance is used to remove the ova from the mature follicles. By this time, the expectant mother's organization is being prepared for embryo reception. The embryonic eggs are fertilized with the sperm of the father, and two or three of the embryos are implanted in the mother's womb. From now on, three people are worried about whether they will be cured and that the light of their eyes will develop healthily. Unplanted but healthy embryos are frozen so that the little brother can try to make this difficult journey all over again.