Keep this in mind when sleeping with your child!

Keep this in mind when sleeping with your child!

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There are conditions that put a baby at risk when sleeping with a brother and sister in bed. Ensure your safety!

Keep this in mind when sleeping with your child!

According to the latest recommendation of the American Children's Covenant Association (AAP) Whooper Fish, it is best to have the baby anesthetized in the parents' room but not in one bed. This is a significant change from previous ones, but I am concerned that in the event of sleep on the subject, the parents' body is considered a potentially deadly, uncontrollable weapon.
If that were true, neither of us would be here today because our ancestors could only survive by sleeping with their mothers and breastfeeding them again. The American Breastfeeding Federation, the American Breastfeeding Association's Laundry Society, the La Leche League, the UNICEF, and the World Health Organization (WHO) are all influential organizations that support the child.
Everyone agrees that in some cases, sleeping in a bed increases the risk of SIDS, as certain conditions include the risk of choking and sleeping on the bed. Do not sleep in a bed with our child, ha taking a sedative or anestheticfurther if we are very exhausted. Never let your baby or toddler sleep with the baby. The babies of mothers who smoke during pregnancy are more difficult to wake up to respiratory failure, so they are advised to sleep with their babies in a room but not in a bed.
Dr. James McKenna, an anthropologist at the University of Notre Dame and head of the Mother-Child Research Institute, has shown that the breastfeeding mother and her child are especially sensitive to each other's signs during sleep, which prevents the mother from drawing the baby. If you are not breastfeeding, you are advised to breast-feed your baby in the breast or baby crib.
It is always dangerous to put a little on your belly on a soft mattress, and you should also be careful not to put your baby's head under the blanket or put it on the pillow. Just use a lightweight blanket, and before you start sleeping with your baby, check the bed to see if there are any holes or holes where the little one can get stuck and drown. Dr. McKenna advises that if we sleep together regularly, lift the mattress out of the bed frame and move it to the center of the room so that no creases occur.
Nor is there any consensus however, how these suggestions should be interpreted. Some professional groups, including some AAP members, insist that you should not sleep with your baby at all. For others, like McKenna, breastfeeding is safe for breastfeeding mothers. Some experts suggest that sleeping in one bed is always dangerous, but there is no scientific evidence to support this. It's important for the parents widened decisionthey can bring their children according to their needs, their family goals, and their upbringing principles.
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