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If your baby was born with the KOS sign (III. 21 - IV. 20)

If your baby was born with the KOS sign (III. 21 - IV. 20)

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A leadership that can control not only its small companions, but its entire environment, especially when it comes to people in conflict.

If your baby was born with the KOS sign

It is worthwhile to treat your sometimes passionate manifestations and potential pitfalls calmly but decisively - because your anger dissipates quickly and you are able to practice the power of being nice. An open-minded child, always honestly say what you think, which is not exactly pleasantOf course, there are a lot of parents who can encourage them to be tactile and dress with some "diplomatic skill." As you do so, you start off to discover the world by yourself, it fluctuates early. You don't miss the competitive spirit, you want to test your strength and knowledge, and she doesn't like being left behind in anything for the rest - it can help boost your school performance. He is out of the truth and can vigorously defend his interests; He is also capable of fighting.In general, he is quite daring and stupid, even when he jumps into exciting adventures, so much as a little girl. However, you can easily get tired of the unanimous, quiet activities. Being very lively, agile and loving variety, sports can be an effective tool for spending energy and strengthening your endurance, actively spent with your family.Related articles in Horoscope:
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