Do not do this during pregnancy!

Do not do this during pregnancy!

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Let's take care of the baby, but enjoy life as well. It's not that difficult to do that!

Always be honest with your doctor!
Once you have found your medical doctor (as soon as possible), assume that you will always be honest with you! THE terhessйg And because of the baby, you should not be aware of any previous sexually transmitted or other illnesses, herbal medicines, spontaneous or spontaneous abnormalities, or physical and mental problems. In some cases, it may be important to consider whether the baby is being planned, whether there are family or relationship conflicts in the background.
Remember, the doctor is bound by confidentiality, and there will be no rumors of information being passed on. And think about it: your experienced doctor has seen so many strange cases and illnesses, you know very well that you will never be a white dude in your eyes.
Pay attention to the signs of your organization!
Desire may indicate that you need more than some nutrients. If you are fatigued or have feverishness, you want your body to relax. If certain postures are more comfortable, you can be sure that blood circulation and the baby's blood flow are the most appropriate for that posture.

Happy Birthday!

If you feel strange (previously unknown pain, pressure, vision, bleeding, flowing), consult your doctor or baby. It may be okay, but it may also indicate that your body is in a state of repair.
Stay away from hot baths!
During the baby killing, any situation that overheats the body because of the high warmth of the lower abdomen should be avoided. In Neapolitan medicine, we used the hot bath for "angel making", that is, for inducing miscarriage. During the first three months of pregnancy, you should avoid the sauna, long sunbathing, and natural water for a similar reason. The latter may have high levels of sulfur, radon, or other substances that may be hazardous.
According to most doctors, the infrared sauna is harmful to the fetus. Of course, this is not the period of dying or losing weight. In the second trimester, it is less common to have a miscarriage, but you should also ask your doctor for advice on the above.
Give up risky sports!
In the first period, the sick may be regular, and heartburn may be common, and this may put certain forms of exercise (horse riding, rock-climbing, cycling) at risk. Coaches, too, have to give up high-stakes meaningful sports when pregnancy is at risk, meaning bleeding, early, systematic congestion, and when the stomach expands.
From the fifth to the sixth month, new heights may fall into the sports ground: the curvaceous tummy changes the woman's center of gravity, making her more uncertain and losing her balance. From this period on, we recommend moving mainly under safe conditions.
Don't get involved in weight loss!
Neither for weight loss nor for the home is it time for baby weaning. No one-sided diet can be recommended, and almost any one of the diets can cause anemia or overload the body's digestive system. It is important that the mother try to consume high-quality, high-protein, high-protein food with adequate protein and fiber.
If you have been following a specific diet (vegetarianism, cleansing, fasting), you should talk to your doctor or dietitian about this.
Don't smoke!
Pregnant smokers are often at risk of developing fetuses. Smoking during pregnancy is more likely to result in miscarriage, premature birth, and reduced birth weight, body length, and breast height. A smoker's mother's baby is at greater risk of developing mental illness. Thyroid problems are more common among smokers' neonates. If parents smoke (even if not in the baby's home), there is a greater risk of sudden infant death.
It is not easy to quit cigarettes, but it is worth the effort of a professional to help you, even during the baby-bleeding period.Don't drink alcohol!
When a mother consumes a lot of alcoholic beverages, it causes aberrant changes in the fetus, with newborn facial features and behavioral problems. That is why in the past, women have been advised to limit their alcohol consumption to a glass ("a cup" of alcohol).
Discovering that low levels of alcohol can cause long-term developmental, behavioral, and learning problems. This is why no light has come to light so far, because it is only in the later stages of life that difficulties are brought to my attention by learning more complex activities.
Only take the medication after having made the initial injection.
There are many drugs that are not too bad for the baby, but there are some that can cause very serious problems, leading to developmental abnormalities or premature birth. Be sure to check before taking any medicine, herbal medicine or herbal medicine. But, if you are a chronic patient, do not stop your usual medications suddenly, at your own discretion! Ask your doctor to look for a medicine or medication that can be used in these cases.
Don't stick to the principles of everyone!
Many people decide in advance what principles, guidelines they will follow, and how they will be born to raise their children. However, the currency - that is, how we respond to the completely new situations of pregnancy, parenting, parenting - can only be fully experienced. Think again, talk to your partner, dare to change your doctor, your lifestyle, your mind.
Don't eat raw meat, raw fish!
Even though fashion is becoming more fashionable and access to remote landscaping food is becoming easier, it is better to stay with your mum. We do not recommend eating beefsteak, raw fish (sushi) and flat cheeses (brie) as different parasites can occur. Unfortunately terhessйg During this period, the immunological defense of the pregnant mother is reduced, so she is more susceptible to infections.
Parasites, in addition to causing disease, deprive the fetus of the nutrients it needs from the mother's body.
Stress is a natural part of pregnancy, as it is a sensation of a baby that kills a baby. Never before had you had to worry about growing a new life in your body. There is stress, acceptance, and management of the situation: learn to unwind consciously, do some auto training, or have fun, go for a massage, search for "your friends" alive or in the world. Take the time to find out what is loosening you up, and if you have it, do not consider it a waste of time. It's all about family.
Too high a level of stress hormones can impair the circulatory system and lead to fetal developmental disturbances and premature birth.
Talk about your pregnancy, birth with your couple, your parents!
The family is in a brand new situation, and has to be prepared for unexpected challenges and rewards. Even though we know that they will be in a wonderful state of being like a baby, they can lose their lives: they lose their childhood, their "mother's baby" status, they don't have the space. In the mother, this new situation can cause anxiety.
Unless you are aware of your own peculiarities, but you have a secret somewhere, and because of your long-standing grief, you are in constant contact with your parents, the psychological effects of this can be incredibly powerful in your baby's blood and birth. It is best to clarify all this with the help of the stakeholders, even with the help of a specialist.
Get ready for birth!
Courses in parenting help you to be completely aware of the parenting environment and everything that will happen there. Of course, it is not just the course of a given midwifery that can help. You can also learn about the process of parenting, independent choice, independent conferences, one-on-one conversations, workshops for mothers and couples, books, news, and the Internet.
Find Reliable Helpers!
In ancient societies, every pregnant woman, and even every mother and mother, was taken in by a host of women, and a multitude of unfamiliar rules and habits helped her in her daily life.
Today, no help is self-evident: aunts, brothers, grandmothers work or are adopted by their own family, instead of rules different educational principles come into fashion and go out of fashion. There's almost no grip. That is why it is important for the pregnant mother to find a number of authentic and sympathetic helpers (plump, baby, birth) who can be initiated into her problems, who she can ask and ask for help.
Drink some liquid!
THE terhessйg blood volume increases and blood flow increases at the same time. Care must be taken to ensure that the expectant mother receives fluids, and in particular her blood pressure may drop, which may lead to nausea and fainting. Fluid retention is particularly important in the event of pregnancy-related vomiting.
Only refrain from daily exercises if there is a compelling reason to do so!
THE babavбrбs does not require ascetic life unless you are a vulnerable pregnant woman. Almost all of the fun activities that do not poison the body are allowed. These include good sex, delicious food, dance, good company evenings, traveling, pretty clothes, relaxing body care. Pleasant conditions release the hormones of happiness, the role of which is now widely known in helping mother and baby to bond.