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Hurr, have a great party!

Hurr, have a great party!

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In general, everyone is good: the situation is good for the kids and for the lucky few, free evenings are happening. However, to make sure that the host family is not a outsider, it's a good idea to be clear on a few things. We've collected the most important!

Hurr, have a great party!

We were laughing at the cinema when Shrek Fionbar revealed that he couldn't go to Sleeping Beauty because of a well-known problem. However, a Pyjama party socialization important even if we, as adults, come to our minds with bad-life American teens who secretly bag the windows.
Friends sleep as early as a very young age important condition you may be assuming that you are clear of the limitations of your children and your own abilities when you inject your waist. And kids don't have to change their minds to do surprising and weird things at night, when you get ready, you're on any side, give a kid, or get a "change"!

Are you ready for it?

Even if the little one is often asleep with his grandparents or relatives, it is difficult to ask, because apart from the family there are completely different power relations and rules than in the well-known environment. The children Torn card бltalбban they adapt exceptionally for such special and exciting situations, but often the "coolest" can be unsure. So try to clarify what you want to do: go or stay. If you still don't sleep soundly and often go to bed, you may want to think about whether or not you can party with these kinds of things.

Get Ideas!

Even though it is true that many children often have fewer problems, so be prepared jбtйkцtletso that you don't get into each other's nerves. Don't be scared, there's no need for average creativity! Sometimes well-known old-fashioned games are best suited to get the kids together. You can have fun in the smallest apartment, and sitting games are well solved by a little squeaking and running program. You can hide a trigger pocket somewhere you can hunt. You can have a blindfold food tasting. Social toys are almost always good for you, and if you think about it, the big kid can bring his or her pets from home to try them out together. On the other hand, pack your parent's phone carefully!

Illustrated by KovArt

Mummy moms will know that some babies will surely move in with the passage of time. You can avoid the costumes you collect over the years, some interesting old garments, and the remains of textiles that can be made with just a few scarves and scarves.
Contrary to all beliefs, eating is the smallest problem. Don't overdo it with specialties, reform reform, but you should know about any possible food allergies! In the midst of the show and in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, start off with some good, classic kids' favorites. For example, pancakes, pizza, Bolognese spaghetti, sandwiches, fruit salads are hard to miss.
Of course, the focus of the evening will be on sleep and sleep. The occupation of the common bath, the little bunks, the "seating", fascinates the children. THE unusual situation even on its own It makes you interesting they will have a good time without even an extra program.
May to open the bunker blankets, sheets, where they can gather to share their great secrets with each other, and with a flashlight in the dark. And though many people think that the Fighting Pill is an essential part of the Pajamas Party, most of the time it's confidential pusmogбs And talking is the most important activity in the pre-bedtime period. And when to end the day? Prepare for it they will quiet down the elated little ones, and you have to run more and more for the lamp fire. Make sure you don't fall asleep first!
Clearly let your children know what they are not allowed to do, what they should not touch, what they should not use. It's best to put away your most treasured treasures, your favorite games, and your biggest treasures.


We also need to talk about brothers and sisters, because many people go everywhere together. For a poor parent, this is the only way to organize an adult program without the kids. Not only can such a party benefit the social life of children, but parents can also breathe a little. However, it may happen that the little one is pushed out of the company and a former program that seems like a good idea may be boring or sad for one of the parties. You should only consider brothers and sisters if you have always played together and you know what you can count on.

Familiarity with the terrain

The basic condition is that you know your family wellwhere you let the kid go. You will only be really calm if you know you are in the right place. Give each other phone numbers where you can spell each other when needed.
Important Request a housing capacity. Don't push the border above certain numbers! The number of guests depends not only on the beds (in front of the rubber mattresses!), But also on the ideal group number (four or six people). Remember, you don't have to invite an entire ovis group to make sure the party is going well. Even though it sounds banal, the success of the evening can be as small as the odd number of children or the child left without a couple. Smaller or larger inclusions are virtually inevitable, in which case you take on the role of the evil one.
If you missed the night and everything worked out, or at least in the way you designed it, you can draw the conclusion: the pajamas party is a good thing. Not only is it fun, funny, and something different than usual, it's also an important thing for me to sleep and stay safe. But don't forget one of them, if you "cheered" on your child: to return the invitation!