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What to do with hair loss?

What to do with hair loss?

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On average, 100 lost hairs a day are no cause for concern. When is the problem? And what can be done to reverse the process?

What to do with hair loss?

The hair constantly renews, at certain times, mainly fall and spring more intense fall can be experienced. Hormonal changes, stress and certain diseases can also increase the amount of dead hair. Causes and treatment options dr. Vincze Ildikou cosmetologist gives enlightenment.

Hair loss is a normal phenomenon

On average, 100 lost hairs a day are no cause for concern. The problem occurs when the lost hair is replaced no more, so the hair crown continues to shrink. In women, thinning of the hair follicles is a common occurrence after menopause, resulting in a significant reduction in the weight of the former hair follicle. Hair loss is greatly influenced Harmful factors well, but they could cause it certain diseases, such as thyroid or metabolic problems, but also minor dermatological complaints. Hair loss medication can have side effects, but inflammatory processes in the body, such as tooth or gingivitis, may also occur in the background. Vitamin A and Nutrient Deficiency, or fungal infections on the scalp can result in severe hair loss.

Trichogramm: Under the hairs, the hairline

The examination of the hair and the scalp is an important stage in detecting factors other than increased hair loss, but this is just as important as examining the patient - explains dr. Vincze Ildikou. If you do not kьlsхleg lбthatу gyulladбsra, fertхzйsre, egyйb eltйrйsre utalу signal, the informбciуk pбcienstхl segнthetik also received complaints of diagnуzis felбllнtбsбnak menetйt.A бtbeszйlйse sorбn derьlhet fйny to the patient йpp idхszakon is a stressful tъl, possibly hajhullбs цsszekцthetх a program intenzнv fogyуkъrбs megkezdйsйvel. After that, further examinations can be carried out if necessary. The cause of hair loss is a blood test and yours. trichogram examination, microscopic analysis of the hair can also go a long way.

Tailored therapy

In all cases, the treatment of hair loss is based on the cause of the selected cause. It can take you through a medication, with the help of different supplements. On the basis of the skin examination, the specialist always recommends the most optimal therapy for us. The success of the treatment depends on the level, and in some cases, in the case of a predisposed predisposition, the process can usually only be slowed down. Drug picking, stress, or hair loss - hair dyes, hair straightening, tight and frequent grooming - the resulting hair loss usually disappears after some time, and after a while, the hair disappears. postnatal hair loss is a natural process, unless there is another change in the backlog, complaints are usually resolved within two to three months. If hair loss is suspected to be a hormonal disorder, treatment may be determined by performing the required endocrinological examinations.

Multi-day treatment

Hair cycles increase. The first stage is the anagen, when the hair bulbs get up and the hairs start to grow. The second is the catagen when the hair is at rest, followed by the third, telogen phase, when it cools down. Because the hair cycle has an average life cycle of 3 months, it is necessary to perform a hair treatment for at least 4 to 5 months, as the results will only be visible and documented. You may also be interested in:
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