Is prison waiting for your mother in law?

Is prison waiting for your mother in law?

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Gerbie Bobbes receives more than a year's house arrest, Ivana Königsmarkov's suspended prison sentence, and Ina May Gaskin receive an alternative Nobel Prize. All three are leading professionals in their home country outside the institution.


Part of the gala event is the hot act. Photo: Prizmastudio

"The humanization of birth has become more and more forward in Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, what is the Soviet model of care. Exactly what we are seeing today in Hungary! Today, the Soviet model of nursing care prevails in Hungary. Changes have begun But the process is very difficult Why? Because in the Soviet system, the doctor is God himself! The doctor has all the power and control, earns more money, performs a surgical intervention, and does the system. the slaves of the doctors and doctors can't tell you that everything is fine. Nothing is wrong! And, of course, you need to change because you need to be in tune with the EU. So the system needs to be changed because too many babies and mothers are dying, because the law says that they need to be in tune with the EU, and also to allow their society to be free and democratic. In a free and democratic society, women and their families can choose the kind of birth they want. In a free society, big and important people can't tell their boys how to be born. It's up to the woman to decide! Do you want the government or one of your medical professors to tell you in what position to make love with your loved ones? No! Therefore, do not specify what kind of birth they want. It is up to you and the government and professors to choose to respect your decision.
So all of this really comes from Democracy, "we heard from Professor Marsden Wagner Here in the East, the WHO Women's and Children's Health Organization was chaired by the 2nd International Baby Conference.

Here in the east

It's not been a week since we wrote about the American Ina May Gaskin's alternative Nobel Prize. Two weeks ago, we received news that Czechs' leadership puppy was before his wages. Ismerхs? Ivana Kцnigsmarková, president of the Czech Puppet Association, is one of the few puppies who are trained and practiced to give birth at an institution. Baba's lawyer said: "Ivana Königsmarkov's activities strictly adhere to the foreign standard." However, you cannot meet the Czech specifications because this is simply impossible. The requirements laid down by the Czech Petition Association are inadequate to be respected by the institution, as they are one of the reasons for the provision of and benefits to the institution. You know me ?!

Free Geréb

Gerbie Bernes' house detention has been prolonged again by the courts. There are several litigation cases against the parent (baboons, babies, psychologists), one of which is the result of the one-year house arrest. According to your lawyers, it is not the case that you are negotiating, but the effectiveness of the decision that is outside the institution itself. We would add that this is what Gerbie Gerbine detained and who knows what kind of punishment she has succeeded in without, since the foreign law of the institution outside of the institution also prevents the Hungarian worker from doing the same. It seems here, in the East, that it is still bloody for you to understand the medical community (and society) that all women can have the fewest complications where they feel safe. And this means not only the safety of the woman, but also of the child. "I am not a sinner. I always hope that the truth will prevail. What is the truth? Wherever there is a birth, there is death and not necessarily a parent's fault." stated Gerbie Bgnes in an interview.
Some people do not want to expect their baby to work freely.

The angry women

To quote Marsden Wagner again: "German doctors tried to get the government to stop women from choosing birth, those who were present and the place they were.
This is what the German women are up against: O God, let's try to limit our freedom! They became angry. Everyone talks about how powerful and powerful the doctors are. I know better than them: angry women.
Women blocked the new draft law, and as the movement started, changes began. This has happened in New Zealand and other countries. Babies and women have changed together. Hungary needs it too! Hungarian women have to fight for their rights. At a time when Hungarian women will be able to make full decisions about their own body and their parents, then, and only then, will Hungary be free. "
On the turn of the year, Gerbie was arrested and hundreds of mothers marched on the street to indicate that there were many who wanted to have their babies back. Check out the movie about the events of October! Listen to the mothers and lawyers!


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