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Mom went to bed when she was little!

Mom went to bed when she was little!

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And it didn't even matter whether he was drawing nicely. Rather, how much he enjoyed it. That's the way it is today!

our picture is an illustration

The FAQ Workshop (Children's and Youth Workplace Workshop) in 1975 Free Бrpбd йs Major Ildikou based on his ideas, he was invited by the then head of the Hungarian National Gallery. Then we were expecting the children only once a week, initially all ages. It soon became clear that it was better for the age groups to come outside, so today we are expecting ovis, schools, high schools.
It doesn't matter if the child is drawing "handsomely" and "hands-on" ... It's just a matter of wandering around in the arts! Instead of drawing, it is about painting, claying, sculpting, painting, transforming, cutting, typing, composing, drawing, painting, sounding, solving, problem solving.

The empire was oblivious

On Fridays every Friday, we look for the smallest. Especially those whose parents thought so far, kids are too small for this!
This time, the nature of the main role, the title of the autumn program series is: The Palace of Vegetables is bright
- Who lives in the cold? - secret (make small graphics)
- The Mag - Transformations (sculptures made of natural materials)
- What is the Palace of Vegetation? (co-creation, box installations)
- The small palaces of the Palace of Vegetables (clay sampling)
- My Animal Face (Mixed Technique)
- Signs of Power - Tracking and Rhythm (Clay, Plaster Embossing)
- Personal paper dolls (natural materials, paper dolls)
Get involved in spring FAQs! Then the center of the labyrinth was centered.