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Diaper pad for beginners and advanced

Diaper pad for beginners and advanced

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Did you think your baby would change his diaper at least a thousand times in his first year? Of course, this operation will surely be difficult at first, but believe me, you will get in over time! We also help: see the most common queries!

How much nappy do we need in the first few months?

Of course, this cannot be predicted, but experience shows that you will have to change your pelvis up to 10-12 times a day. Of course, every baby is another who pee and poop less, but then "produce" more. After a while, a relatively well-calculated system is set up.Inquiries and answers about diapers

What size do I choose?

Washable diapers are either single-size (ie, adjustable in size, and can clean the baby from room to room for one to two months), or S-XL for up to 9 days and up to one and a half times longer. For newborns, it is better to start with the smallest size and then switch to one-size pelus. Disposable nappies are usually given by weight, the smallest comes from one to two kilos of premature babies, while the largest comes from a few to a roomy "big". It is important to know that the diaper size of different manufacturers may be slightly different! Make sure the diaper fits snugly into your small thigh, but not too tight. If accidents are common, diapers are often worn, it is worth trying one or more diaper sizes.

What should I do if the pelus "releases"?

The smoky, light-hearted diaper meets almost every parent once and for all. There are a number of reasons for this problem, from improper sizing to factory defective diapers. We always choose a size that is small in weight, but if we experience a leak, we should change the size. It may also be the size of the baby, too loosely made for the baby. Your little boys may not have the penis in the right position inside the diaper, and this is what causes the crazy: Let's look it down!

Can you prevent the crashes?

Diapering can be very uncomfortable for the baby, and unfortunately the symptoms are very good in the diapered areas. It can be caused by an allergic reaction, an infection, an infrequent change of diapers, or even if the baby's birth changes at the start of the diet. Some easy steps to avoid getting out:
  • replace the dirty diaper as soon as possible
  • leave a little free to "vent" the butt during the diaper
  • do not use perfumed buttocks or soap or shower to clean your baby's buttocks
  • Make sure that the buttocks do not contain alcohol
  • fragrant detergents, rinse aids and other chemicals can cause allergic reactions, do not use them on baby clothes or washable diapers
  • avoid the foods that will make your baby eat

How do I treat my diaper?

Zinc-containing creams help with healing, relieve inflammation, and soothe the skin. If diarrhea is caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, you will definitely need medical treatment - your pediatrician can advise you!

What if the little one hates the diaper?

As your baby grows, she becomes more active and may struggle to fight diapers: she winds up, disappears, kicks, or otherwise expresses her protest. Fortunately, most babies simply outgrow this, so parents just have to wait ... But in the meantime, we can make it easier for us to divert our attention, for example, with a play, a song, or a word. It is also important how we react: if we are "arguing" with him or just laughing, we are just typing what the little one wants, that is, rewarding our actions. Just stay indifferent, do the nappies and you're done.

What should I do if my baby is caught?

It is only natural for a baby's hand to touch his or her own intimate body during the time of the diaper! Numerals are all new, every discovery, and his own body is no exception. This area can be particularly attractive because it is usually "covered" and does not meet with it as often as, say, a hand or foot. Of course, discovery is less practical if the diaper is full of khakis, or if we try to hurry ... Most importantly, we should never punish this activity, hand it to our hand, or "scold" it. This will not stop you from further discovery, but you may have a feeling about something that is completely normal. (Via)Also worth reading:
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