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CSOK 2019: How much can I put on and under what conditions?

CSOK 2019: How much can I put on and under what conditions?

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We have gathered all the basic information you should know if you are planning a CSOK application.

FAMILY HOUSEHOLD BENEFITS, that is, the CSOK after a child in a joint household, or for a young married couple, may have no more than two children, regardless of their existing children family and life partners can only claim together mega hitelintйzeteknйl. The CSOK can also be used for home improvement or for extending an existing home.

CSOK: What is the total? What m2 do you have a minimum depending on the number of children?

Number of children New real estate for rent / purchase Used property inspection / purchase

floor area (apartment / house)


 1 40/70 nm $ 600,000

40 nm

$ 600,000
 2 50/80 nm $ 2,600,000 50 nm $ 1,430,000
 3 60/90 nm $ 10,000,000 60 nm $ 2,200,000
 4+ 70 nm $ 2,750,000

If you have a new home, you are planning a house

In the case of a new home, the maximum amount of the CSOK is HUF 600,000 for one child, HUF 2,600,000 for two children, and HUF 10,000,000 for three children or more. The CSOK's application also takes into account how much floor space is useful in the apartment. (Attention! Only the number is useful for the floor area that is heated. For example, a non-heat sparrow does not count.) This is based on a minimum of 40 m per child2, while the house is at least 70 m2 must have a useful floor area of ​​50 m for two children2 the apartment, 80 m2 minimum floor area of ​​the dwelling, same value for a house with three children or more 60 m2, lacquered 90 m2.CSOK: the most important information 10 million for two children, mgg 15 million HUF discount for three children or more (up to 3 percent interest rate) credit can be claimed with CSOK. Even with a higher amount, the family has the opportunity to borrow money, but for the sum of more than 15 million, the market loan interest rate will be valid. (Important: With a generic contractor, you can continue to build on your interest-backed loan, but you must pay it at market rates until completion.) 2019. As of July 1, a number of things are changing, including the juvenile mortgage debt regulation. accordingly 1 Million HUF Released already after the Second Child arrives 4 million will be forgiven from the credit, the birth of 3 or more children, and an additional $ 1 million can be vouched for for children born after the $ 4 million claimed.

If you used to live, you would spend the CSOK on the house

An important change from July 1, 2019 is that CSOK can be used for more than 35 million forints of used real estate, so the value limit will be lifted. Also the July 2019 change is that the interest-subsidized loan (up to 3 percent) can be used for a home or house. This means up to 10 million HUF for 2 children, 15 million HUF for 3 children or more.We want to buy a house, up to 20% higher than the bank's value. For buying a home, apart from existing children, married couples can have up to two children. Amounts for a used home are at least 40 m2 useful living space $ 200, with two children minimum 50 m2 useful living space $ 430,000, three children and a minimum of 60 m2 useful floor space $ 2,000, even for one or more children, 70 m2 useful living space $ 2,750,000 Continuation of the total amount of CSOK in case of purchase of a house, support after concluding the contract in one sum it happens even though the house is being renovated, the house is degree of finish proportionally, afterwards Also, in summer 2019, the "turn-around" obligation for selling another home will also change, meaning that the price of a home sold within 5 years must be used in full for the CSOK apartment. This obligation is removed.

Who can claim CSOK?

Terms and conditions:

  • innocent life
  • home insurance for the supported property
  • kцztartozбs-mentessйg
  • 1, 2 children 180 days continuous relationship (up to 30 days interruption) - Apollo dnijnl (GYOD) not required
  • Children with 3 or more children, new home / house required 2 years of continuous TB employment (with a maximum of 30 days interruption)
  • For at least one member of a married couple Under 40 yrs must be available for the pre-requisite CSOK.
Can be called so-called CSOK also from which to have a child 4 years for one child, 8 years for two children, 10 years for three children available to the couple. If you do not have enough partners and sufficient income, then iher parents are adulsters bevonhatуk. It is also very important that only the members of the married couple can acquire ownership in the acquired property.

Who counts a child in terms of CSOK?

During support status, the existing child, a She was 12 weeks pregnant, and the children involved should be considered together. A child is considered to be a CSOK who has not yet reached age 25 and is a dependent. The CSOK can also be used for children in the blood and in foster care - in the latter case, it extends the deadline for admission by 2 years.

What is New Real Estate?

New home, home ...
  • On July 1, 2008, the property is not licensed for real estate, but no real estate has been obtained.
  • is an individual owned by an economic organization.
  • real estate newly built by an economic organization that has been released for use on or after July 1, 2008, but has not yet been sold to an individual.

CSOK: What happens if the companies are not fulfilled?

Anyone who does not give birth to the child will be required to pay back by the Government Office, and the body will decide on the extent of this obligation. Intermittent death or disability in the household does not automatically exempt the child, or the death of a child or the possible disability of a child born. These cases only qualify as "special interest", in particular with regard to deferral of the obligation to pay interest.

How can I appeal to CSOK?

If you lose a new home or home, within 180 days of entering into a purchase agreement, you must submit it to a credit institution that has a contract with the Hungarian Treasury before you can use it.What to take with you?
  • szemйlyi
  • lakcнmkбrtya
  • OEP TB Certification (Foreign Certified Certification Translator Translated into Hungarian)
  • adуigazolvбny
  • if you buy a home / house, a contract of sale
  • if you are building a corporate house, then you are a contractor
  • if you would like to have a fetus, you should have a health care booklet (Fetus older than 12 weeks!)
If you are a contractor, the CSOK Contract is subject to the credit institution's acceptance of the Compensation Budget. Faster processing time is up and running: ready property is bought for 30 days and 60 days for real estateForrбs:


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